Some Maybe Controversial Bridgerton Thoughts

Dearest Reader now that the season has ended I shall report on the going-ons of the Bridgerton family and assorted members of society. I will try to do so without bitterness that I didn’t get a hot Duke (at least I got to look at one I suppose) also be warned… my thoughts may be oh slightly controversial and spoilery.

Mainly perhaps my deep belief that Daphne Bridgerton is the worst.

So overall I really enjoyed this show. On a scale of 1-10 it would be at like a 7.5.

It was well cast and well-acted and I generally liked most of the characters. To be honest that’s one of the high points and there were a few characters whom I didn’t like in the beginning that were much more fleshed out at the end. Special character stand-outs to be include Anthony and Benedict Bridgerton, Lady Featherington and Queen Charlotte.

And while she didn’t really have an arc or change Lady Danbury was just awesome.

It’s also just super pretty and colorful and delectable to watch and no I’m not just talking about Simon. Loved the costumes and the set designs and special shout-out to the music. There’s been some really good instrumental adaptations of pop in 2021 that I am loving.

So let’s get into the spoilery stuff and why I wonder if Bridgerton might have messed somethings up.







Daphne and Simon

Simon: I burn for you…

Daphne: Really? Could you like change everything about yourself so we can make this work and by “we” I mean you.

Simon: I love you but I refuse to budge on this one thing.

Daphne: Okay I’m just going to get rapey blame it all on you and have a temper tantrum until you give in okay?

Simon: My decisions are based on great childhood trauma.

Daphne: I know. I’m going to massively invade you’re privacy and also… sex with me is a magical childhood trauma fix-it.

Simon: What?

Daphne: I’m perfect don’t ask questions and give me what I want so I can love you already!

Yeah I didn’t like them together. The fake dating stuff was fine in the beginning and Simon was doing all the work chemistry wise (personality wise to) if I’m being frank.

But they do get together halfway through and after this honeymoon fuckfest around the castle it becomes like a nightmare (mainly due to Daphne) there’s one part where Simon was outside shooting and she was trying to play over him on the piano and as much as I hate guns I was like Simon I would not be upset if you just winged her you know?

So much as I appreciated the idea of seeing the happily ever after part after… they just made her completely unlikable. I couldn’t see what he saw on her past the good sex life I suppose.

Portia (Lady F), Marina and Penelope

This was another interesting storyline that played throughout the season. I thought Polly Walker was a real standout as the flamboyant and pushy Mama Featherington.

When they take in a cousin for the season and come to learn that she’s actually in the family way Portia takes drastic steps to convince her she needs to find a husband. At first it seems kind of cruel and granted maybe it is. As does Marina’s eventually realizing that she’s right and setting her sights on sweet but seemingly dim Colin Bridgerton.

Who unfortunately is the love of Penelope’s life. I thought the scene of Marina kind of rudely telling Penelope he’ll never love her was an attempt at being Lady F but backfired spectacularly because Pen went nuclear.

Anyway I really enjoyed the many facets of this story and also Penelope and Eloise’s friendship.


Speaking of Eloise this may be a nitpick since I realize as we move forward with the books age is not going to be a thing but I was not buying her as 15-17 or hell I didn’t even buy her as Daphne’s younger sister.

Though I have to admit I was shocked when I saw Nicola Coughlin is 34! I haven’t thought twice about her as a high schooler on Derry Girls! Maybe voices are just a thing for me!

Finally Lady Whistledown

I’m not going to give it away but the show does reveal who it is (apparently earlier than the books) and I have to wonder if maybe they didn’t reveal it too soon and sacrificed laying out some better groundwork for the character in question.

As it played out it really calls into question a lot of this character’s motives for doing it and as far as I can tell made people really dislike them.

To sum it up on Bridgerton: It’s a fun well made show with lots of sex but not without issues- mainly Simon could have done so much better. I’d watch another season and hell I’m debating reading Anthony’s book (the books follow each sibling down love road) as that seems to have the most popular of the romances!

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Love your dialogue for Simon and Daphne, it makes a lot more sense then what they actually did… and you’re right Daphne has no personality to speak of! All the charm of a lamppost.

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