Jimmy’s White Board of Questions: WandaVision

As much as I enjoyed Jame’s white board of audience questions (and him and Darcy being our stand-in’s) to me the humor missed one very important question I think anyone in universe would have…


Are the twins real?

And if they are did Wanda Maximoff just create life?

And seeing as how we know now that things created in the anomaly (Monica’s wardrobe, the jump rope) do remain in the real world would the twins and Vision as well even if she did create them?

And also if they do…

Wouldn’t these kids be the first born from superheroes “naturally”? Whatever the hell that means in this case? (I know Tony has Morgan but he gets his power from a suit. Scott’s daughter Cassie also wasn’t born with powers if she does wind up following her comic book path.)

And if that’s the case wouldn’t SWORD and the government maybe, just maybe classify them as something… other. Like mutant???

I was not familiar with Teyonah Parris before this but I have to say she’s doing more than anything else to get me excited for Captain Marvel 2. Well her and the fact that it has the same writer as the show.

The opening of her returning was really well done and I appreciated that (unlike Spiderman) it was played more with fear and pain and chaos. It will be interesting to see Monica going forward.

I also liked seeing them name the “cast” and that nice subtle nod that they hadn’t identified Agnes as of yet…

But it does make me wonder. James mentions there’s 3,000+ people in that town missing and we’ve only seen a handful on the show so it makes you wonder what she might have done to the other couple thousand.

Although back to the board the Why Sitcom thing could be easy enough but what I don’t understand is why she’s jumping decades?

And does that matter?

It seems like someone might want her to have kids and then super fast age them up. Because yeah despite the end I still don’t think this is entirely Wanda. I still think a 3rd party gave her the idea and might be letting her run with it to a certain point while waiting in the shadows.

Honestly surprised by how creepy I found this shot. But it’s the blank eyes. Definitely the blank eyes. Also I think this is just her memory playing tricks on her. This Vision is way, way to self-aware to be a corpse she’s puppeteering. I hope anyway because if not… ugh.

Another great episode.

*** Be careful on-line however apparently some asshole decide to leak a whole lot of footage from episode 6. I’m doing everything I can to avoid spoilers so beware that’s out there though Disney seems to be doing what they can to get the footage down there seems plenty of people who have seen it.

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