Wandavision: Kids, Skrulls & Culpability

Spoilers for Wandavision and Spiderman actually below! Along with some way off based theaters and why we should all live our alt-reality lives once in a while. Minus the mind-controlled neighbors of course.

So this week on Wanda vision we find out a couple of things. She did steal his body. Those people inside the bubble are mind-controlled and in pain and scared (well except for possibly Agnes). Which now has been laid out for Wanda if she didn’t realize that before.

Children are hard to control and missing. Vision doesn’t remember anything before Westview.

And Wanda can leave the hex when she wants.

Also in alt-reality land you can skip the potty-training years completely and attempt to run credits over any argument with your husband provided he’s not a robot it might even work.

Thank you Monica, Jimmy and Darcy for asking about Monica’s kids and confirming they were real. (How?) Also Vision for confirming what we’ve been saying for a while there are no other kids.

Considering what we know about the townspeople’s state how horrifying is that implication? Where are the children? Do these mind controlled people realize enough to know their kids are gone.

I also think Agnes comment about not being able to control kids is big old red flag number 3000 for her. I like the fact neither she or Wanda are really trying to hide around each other anymore.

Wanda’s culpability

I think Marvel is walking a finally nuanced line here because I believed her when she said she didn’t know how it started and 100% think there’s a 3rd party involved here.

But also that she’s rolling with it in her grief and despair when she could likely stop it. (I agree with Monica she was subconsciously hoping for help from her.) But then she reinforced the border. We’ll see how it ends and than plays out through Spiderman and Multiverse of Madness but so far I’m very happy with what they are doing with her.

Speaking of Layers upon Layers

Poor Vision

I 100% think SWORD was going against his wishes first and considering how this show has played out so far I’m thinking Monica clocked that to and is considering her options.

She already brought up the fact that they were now building AI’s. What better way to do that than with The Visions body. Hopefully we see this mess from Wanda’s point of view and how she found out about it.


While they were talking about how Monica didn’t show up on her X-Rays and the blood work was off and she shut down doing them again I couldn’t help think what if she’s a SKRULL vis-a-vis Fury and Hill in Spiderman. Not that she’s dead because I really like her but she’s with them.

She has childhood connections to the whole group after all.

I can’t help wonder to between her reaction to Captain Marvel being mentioned and fake Fury’s much more intense one in Spiderman did Carol screw something up with their Skrull friends after that film?

If she didn’t or couldn’t help them it could explain the anger. Also interesting to think that maybe that’s who Monica was talking about when she mentioned they also had friends in space, not Carol but her Skrull friends.

And than that big reveal that I was unfortunately spoiled for… but I had seen the casting anyway so the minute Vision starts seemingly getting through to Wanda guess who shows up…

That’s right the Fox version of Pietro (Peter) Maximoff. Well the actor that played him anyway.

I thought this was a nice Easter egg but I can’t help wonder considering some of the reactions I’ve seen on line this is most likely not actually Pietro (although I could be wrong who knows?) but a play by whoever’s in charge to keep Wanda in the hex so will that disappoint people?

I guess we’ll have to see that one play out.

I mean the thing is costume aside he didn’t even sound like that Peter. But I get the impression he’ll do 90’s sitcom era slightly douche Uncle really well 🙂

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  1. The show really got good with this episode. I have similar questions, but I’m not too sure about some of the skrull stuff. The Quicksilver cameo had my heart beating out of my chest right up to the reveal. I heard rumors about the Evan Peters casting, but I was still shocked out of principle.

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