wandavision: It Could Be Reed Richards…

Ever since Monica talked about an astro-physicist friend who could get her back into the Hex we’ve been left to wonder. Since it was dropped in again last week and we’ll likely have an answer this week I’m starting to convince myself that it could be Reed Richards or someone from the Fantastic Four.

I would have said no way before but I can see the very good reasoning why it could be…

Most Marvel casting is usually spoiled long before it happens by press releases but what a way to surprise everyone and drop it in the show…

And also prove how important and how much Marvel fans want to be watching the shows regardless plus it will get people talking. Not that Wandavision needs to do that but it will get people wondering throughout who else may show up.

Plus I love surprises.

One of the biggest knocks against is that it’s too far out but the movies been officially confirmed by Kevin Feige and has a director. Hell they announced Mahershala Ali and Blade at Comic-Con in 2019 and only just found a writer. It’s so far out it’s not even funny and if Black Widow gets moved again well time doesn’t really matter does it?

So I just don’t think that would be a problem.

And then a couple months ago right around the time a secret appearance (or any appearance really) would have been happening the Internet became abuzz with seemingly out of thin air rumors of Joseph Gordon-Leavitt having been cast as Reed Richards to which everyone said, Nah!

But maybe they weren’t so out there to begin with and Marvel tapped down on that. I mean Tatiana Maslany straight up denied being cast as She-Hulk even though Mark Ruffalo and other people in the MCU were congratulating her.

So you never know. But I’m thinking for the first time we could see Reed Richards or one of the Fantastic Four in Wandavision. At the very least they’ve teased this and know there audience well enough that it’s going to be someone highly recognizable.

Although I do enjoy the theory it’s going to be Rocket… he doesn’t seem like the type to be an astro-physicist but it would certainly be shocking 🙂

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  1. As desperate as I am to see the Fantastic Four, a first appearance in a Disney+ show like WandaVisoon just wouldn’t feel right to me. Black Panther and Spider-Man debuting in Civil War made sense since the movie was grand enough for them. Whoever it is, I’m prepared to gasp like I’ve never gasped before.

  2. Everyone kept saying it’d be John Krasinski as Reed Richards so I was really hoping it would be! I guess Disney would surely wait until the last ep of season 1 to leave us with a major cliffhanger!

  3. I Think Dominic West as Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards & Annabelle Wallis
    as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman In MCU Fantastic Four

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