New Trailers, Date Guesses and Movie News

Can I live in the Luca trailer please? I want to just beam in find a nice little place… that’s not weird is it? I mean this is artwork here.

A part of me hopes that movie news and new trailers ramping up is a good sign for movies starting this summer although technically this still only says “summer.”

We also got a trailer for Netflix’s Army of the Dead which I am actually looking forward to. That has a date- it will be May 21st. Although I do kind of wonder what good that much money is going to do you in a zombie apocalypse.

The new Spider-Man movie got a name: No Way Home after a whole bunch of trolling and I’m not going to lie I liked That’s So Kraven more probably because that sounds like it would be a “Wanda” style episode title. This one has a date and says “in theaters!”

I was just discussing with a friend whether they’d move Black Widow and the Marvel movies back one more time but now there are all these rumors about how great The Eternals supposedly is (when “insiders” start talking about how shocked they are by the greatness a film they have on their hands I have flashbacks to hearing the same things about The Last Jedi and whether you liked it or not I don’t think it went anywhere like the way they thought it would have.)

So are they really gonna continue to sit on that if that’s what they think? Also it would push Doctor Strange 2 back even further when the original plan for that announced way back at Comic-Con was only supposed to be weeks between that and Wandavision.

They did push Loki back by a few weeks whether that was to give breathing room to Black Widow who knows?

I think whether that hits its release date is still up in the air but two good trailers (3 if you count Cruella) and some signs things are looking up, at least in movie land, make me very hopeful!

Of course there’s also been the announcement from Paramount they plan to stream Mission Impossible 7 and A Quiet Place 2 on their service after 45 days which regardless of anything means the exceedingly shortened theatrical window is here to stay.

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