Wandavision: Strange is the Bunny & Final Questions

Episode 8 Previously On was a great emotional episode. But I have some questions leading into the finale and of course one finale theory on where Doctor Strange is…


I think he is the bunny.

I mean no he doesn’t have to appear but all things considered Agatha says she felt this amazing magic and that drew her in so it’s not saying much for our sorcerer supreme whose job is ‘protecting our reality douchebag’ that he’s not there so maybe Agatha got the better of him?

Speaking of Agatha and the Salem Witch thing I’ve seen people say they were upset by the use of Salem/Salem witches because it seemed like it was making light of the memory of the tragedy or one particular comment said having the witches try her felt like “victim blaming” so seriously…

Did the Salem Witch thing actually bother people?

I love witches in history and in fiction (I love seeing them used!) and I do have to wonder if you think such a thing is belittiling to a real tragedy that happened several hundred years ago where do you draw the line… World War I and II was relatively recent by that standard wasn’t it making light of those horrible tragedies to say hey it was really Ares and have a God fight or a super soldier running around?

Can Agatha even be killed?

I mean when the other witches tried she sucked up their power and her mother seemed pretty powerful (she even had a Scarlet Witch style crown but in blue) and Agatha did her in to so can Wanda beat her that way?
I kind of hope not but I have a feeling Marvel’s going to waste Kathryn Hahn.


Likely even if Wanda can’t kill her White Vision will break her neck or something.

So is “the Scarlet Witch” an actual entity?

I’m not going to lie I think those people who truly believe Magneto’s going to show up looking for his son are going to be sorely disappointed but I’ve been getting such strong X-Men vibes since the Halloween episode when the boys powers popped up even Hayward ranting about the threat of supers felt X-Men to me.

And Agatha talking about Wanda being a myth and something that wasn’t supposed to be real made me think of the idea of a Scarlet Witch in a different light.

Speaking of the X-Men…

If he’s No One is that a big mistake?

See I had heard the Mephisto rumors from the time he was cast so I never really got my hopes up he was X-Men Peter besides to make that work would be a mess. Plus I think Evan Peters plays a really good baddie.

But if he’s really just some random towns person even I think it was a bit trolling. There’s no connection and no real reason for Wanda to have her even for a second bought it was her brother. I know Agatha says she’s so unsure of herself she did but eh… even thinking he and Elizabeth Olsen still had good sibling vibes and he was fun…

Plus for the idea that no one is controlling Wanda this time (unlike so many comics stories with her) but I’ll be a little disappointed if he’s not anybody. I mean if Agatha felt the magic so many dark forces could have been called to West View.

I mean it’s not like Doctor Strange was paying attention.

Is Vision real?

I mean that’s been the question for a while now. But that light coming out of Wanda was mind stone yellow, not her usual read, so if she actually manifested using whatever of the mind stone was in her I still don’t see why he wouldn’t be real.

Yes he disintegrated outside of the hex but no one was supposed to leave…

I guess the real question is can Darcy come up with a way to merge Wanda’s Vision and Hayward’s would be weapon and see which Vision carries the day.

But for now I’m going to stop with the theorizing (except the bunny thing which I know is unlikely) and just let them tell their story.

6 thoughts on “Wandavision: Strange is the Bunny & Final Questions

  1. I really enjoyed the flashback episode. It was great seeing a lot of events play out and hearing the name Scarlet Witch was exactly what I needed. I have no explicit theories, but I am confident about Doctor Strange. I personally hope Quicksilver is the same Quicksilver from the X-Men universe lost in a different dimension. But you’re right, I’m just gonna let the story play out at this point.

  2. Great theories and questions! I hope they can wrap up everything well in the last episode and I agree about Evan Peters and hope they didn’t waste a good opportunity with him.

    The Salem witch part didn’t bother me so much. I really like Kathryn Hahn in this!

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