Important Tom & Jerry Life Questions

The most important questions of Tom and Jerry: Is this mouse actually Satan?

Not to be overdramatic and I am a cat person myself but I really think he could be.

Also humans in a Tom & Jerry movie?

I admit it’s been ages since I’ve seen the cartoon and they melded the animation and live-action pretty good but I didn’t care about them at all. I just wanted to watch Tom and Jerry destroy things and Tom get to play his piano while Jerry get what’s coming to him.

But speaking of the humans someone’s going to have to explain Colin Jost to me. I mean I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all… He’s not even awful but I just mean for some reason his autobiography is aptly named (so obviously he’s aware of it!) I couldn’t even tell you why.

Anyway what does it say about me that I didn’t finish not one, not two, but three big awards contenders this month but Tom and Jerry I watch?

I don’t know.

I mean maybe life is just too short to push your way through Nomadland is you aren’t feeling it when all you want to do is watch Michael Pena point out an old and important valuable piece of glass work and know exactly where this is going because you know exactly what type of movie you are watching.

And sometimes you just want something easy that you can’t overthink (so then you promptly overthink it naturally.)

Recommend: Eh. I think kids would like it and some nostalgic adults but this was one I was happy to get free on HBOMax (well you know what I mean) but otherwise its pretty easy to wait for it to be free.

7 thoughts on “Important Tom & Jerry Life Questions

  1. I think the Tom and Jerry cartoons aren’t about good vs evil, but fairy-tale-like entertainment for kids about the underdog outsmarting the establishment.

  2. This film is rather confusing to me; adding human drama to the mix didn’t work out in 1992, so it’s strange that they’d try it again here.

  3. This was particularly painful for me to watch. I’m so tired of live action cartoons giving way too much focus to random human characters. Although I guess it wasn’t quite as rough as The Smurfs, but that’s not saying much.

    1. Yeah I never saw the Smurf movies I remember the trailers though and actually thinking oh that’s going to get annoying fast!

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