Wandavision Series Finale: Spoilers

Elizabeth Olson

Wandavision concluded Friday night and while I think it had some issues as a fan of the character, and considering this was my most anticipated MCU property maybe ever, I couldn’t have asked for more.

And now the long wait for Doctor Strange 2 begins and believe me those are words I never thought I’d say.


So on a bumpy thing I would have liked a bit more of Monica, Jimmy and Darcy for the finale. Especially Darcy. I know this episode was shot after the pandemic break so perhaps Kat Dennings wasn’t available but still that was kind of a let down. Monica at least we know is going on…

(And I already have so many theories about the Multiverse and Secret Invasion I can’t help myself!)

The other big thing would have to be Ralph.

While I do think Evan Peters was great fun and I appreciate the meta “recasting” element nor did I ever think he was going to be that Peter and Magneto was going to somehow show up it was a let down for a boner joke.

Maybe Marvel underestimated the thirst for the mutants (and there were overall parts of this show where even I was like oh, that feels so X-Men!) but for me if he was no one it didn’t really pay off to use him. Plus the implication that Agatha could just give him Quicksilver’s powers is well… it has some interesting implications 🙂

Witches be powerful.

I wish they had just gone with Aaron Taylor-Johnson it would have been much more meaningful. Agatha could have “glamoured up” the beekeeper guy (which did Wanda kill him???) and then when Monica pulled off the necklace two birds one stone, no upset audience members.

But Agatha lived!!!

Hahn is too good to waste especially as they pull this into a more witch/cosmic element of the MCU. I actually loved her battle with Wanda and she played smart too by freeing those people and making Wanda face what she had done. (I also very much enjoyed the Vision/White Vision fight.)

Also the boys are still around! Which I did pretty much think was going to happen 🙂 I think we’ll see the boys again in Doctor Strange and I’m hoping Agatha. I loved The Incredibles moment I’d watch an actual Maximoff family sitcom in a heartbeat Marvel.

The acting throughout the show was first-rate and while I wish some characters could have had more time and been fleshed out (Hayward and SWORD) Monica, Agatha, and (hopefully) the future Wiccan and Speed had such good introductions they definitely left me wanting to see more.

But this was really Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s show and they were written and sold it flawlessly. From Vision’s “dad humor” to his increasing knowledge that something was wrong and he was maybe living in a horror movie with a villain to in the end, his love for Wanda and his nobility knowing that he couldn’t stay and she did have to fix it broke my heart.

And I must say everyone went through the sitcoms with grace paying homage without ever feeling like they were false of sending them up even.

Scarlet Witch

And Olsen herself was fantastic able to really delve into Wanda’s mental state we got to see her play the happy 50’s housewife to feeling her crushing pain when she couldn’t feel Vision and walked out of SWORD headquarters.

And I’m sorry but you got to love a comic legend who does most of her final battle in sweats cause the witch next door interrupted her breakdown and than equally gives herself a fashion glow up that I’m sure the cosplayers are already working on!

So overall I loved Wandavision. It wasn’t perfect and I do worry a little about the future of the shows mixing with the movies going forward but that’s for another post. It was however great at what I wanted it to be- a story about grief and love and Wanda’s mental health and I think they nailed it.

Recommend: Yes. 100%

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  1. I do agree for the most part. Not perfect, but great with the TV nostalgia, romance, and set up. The Scarlet Witch costume reveal and Vision fight was the best part of the finale for me. Can’t help but feel a little disappointed at the lack of certain things paying off. The Ralph Bohner thing was on par with the Mandarin reveal and angered me about as much as how Nick Fury lost his eye. That being said, I am sorry to see WandaVison end.

    On to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

    1. Yeah and all three of those reveals seems to be Marvel going for a joke over payoff or meaning. If only they’d pick up on that one!

    1. I’m hoping it will provide Sam with better characterization than he’s gotten in the movies (not saying much I know!) but should be fun either way!

  2. There were just SO MANY FEELINGS with the finale! But, like you, I agree this was a brilliantly executed show. For me it felt like the original ‘Iron Man,’ the first ‘Avengers,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and ‘Black Panther’ in the sense that Marvel was giving us something we’d never really seen before – and NAILING it as they did it. While I can never see this becoming the MCU’s “formula,” I do hope we see more moments with the focus being solely on the characters and the superhero action scene coming as just a tack on at the end.

    On that note, , “And I’m sorry but you got to love a comic legend who does most of her final battle in sweats cause the witch next door interrupted her breakdown and than equally gives herself a fashion glow up that I’m sure the cosplayers are already working on!” is now my favorite thing I’ve read about this show. That may change as I read more and more pieces about WandaVision…but I doubt it.

  3. I’ve loved following your Wandavision posts! Really loved the show too. At first I was a little sad that Doctor Strange didn’t show up but then really it’s good that these shows will keep their distance from the movies to a certain extent. It would be exhausting if we had to watch every show to understand plot points in the movies!

    1. I do hope there’s a line in Doctor Strange or something about where he was… cause this was some pretty big magic going on. I mean I know only 3 weeks back he probably had a lot to do but he could have sent Wong or someone 🙂

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