The Oscar Nominations: Some Standout Picks!

Well the 2021 Oscar nominations came out and while I don’t think there were many big surprises I definitely have a few standouts from the whole list.

Mainly I’m super thrilled for Steven Yeun!

Glenn got an Oscar Nomination!

I think this one was a little bit of a surprise because it seemed like while the movie was popular he was left out of some of the big individual awards. I don’t know. I’m just so happy to see him in there! The one time Glenn/Walking Dead fan in me screamed just a bit 🙂

In all honesty my disastrous film February was mostly the big award contenders so I can’t speak to a lot of them but I did love Promising Young Woman and I’m so happy to see Carey Mulligan nominated. I do wonder if the ending of that movie may put a lot of people off.

It is great to see Emerald Fennell and Chloe Zhao in the best Director race. The first time there’s ever been two women competing at the same time according to the trades that’s historic and also a little sad that it took this long. I think it’s Chloe’s to lose.

And if she does win I don’t think there’s any chance Marvel pushes the slate back again and Eternals into next year but that’s a ramble for another post 🙂

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams

Also super happy Husavik (the song from Eurovision) get a Best Song nomination. I thought that was really a really beautiful song and I’ve listened to it more times than any other movie song last year to be honest.

And Amanda Seyfried got nominated for Best Supporting Actress! Some Mean Girls love here 🙂

I actually think she has a pretty good shot.

And lastly yeah for a Visual Effects nomination for Love and Monsters a movie I watched last fall and actually loved! Which more people should watch. It will most likely lost to Tenet which is… I’d say a shame but I don’t know. Tenet had amazing visual effects granted but lacked Love and Monsters heart so I… didn’t care about the effects.

Yeah Love and Monsters would get my vote for that one.

The Oscars aren’t until April 25th so plenty of time for me to (try) and catch up on some of the others!

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  1. I just watched Nomadland today. So I’m fairly confident that Chloé Zhao will win. Other than that, a lot of winners are a toss up. Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress have been the least consistent in terms of major award shows.

      1. That would make Chadwick Boseman the third actor to win a posthumous Oscar. Peter Finch passed away 2 months before winning for Network and Heath Ledger passed away long before The Dark Knight was released.

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