My Hopes for Falcon and Winter Soldier

Up until this point in the MCU Sam Wilson’s character has kind of made me sad. Probably because his character has mostly been based on STEVE.

And wings.

But mostly Steve.

And I can get behind a ride or die friendship but the part that always made me saddest was I never felt like it was reciprocated like I think Steve did care about him but his list would have gone something like:


Memories of Peggy.

His own sense of moral righteousness.


And Sam would have been somewhere down with pissing off Tony/taking wild advantage of T’Challa’s kindness.

Okay maybe I’m being to hard on Steve (although I don’t really think so) but my biggest hope for The Falcon and Winter Soldier is that Sam and Bucky get to become actual full-fledged characters without Steve looming too large over either one of them.

I have hopes after the character work in Wandavision that will get the first part. How much Steve’s memory effects the second remains to be seen.

And yeah I know he gave him the shield but too little too late 🙂

I think my other possibly unlikely hope is that there’s not too much bickering or at least maybe it tapers off as things get more serious. Hell Sam and Bucky are always going to bicker and I am happy some of the trailers have had it more fun than petty. But a girl can dream right? At least Sam is totally right on the fact they do look good while doing it.

And we all know after that one trailer this is going to end with Sam referring to him as “Buck” and Bucky being okay with it.

**** Speculation below based on one random bit of comic book information that I read second hand anyway that may or may not be true so take that for what it’s worth if you want to go in completely blind.****

There are rumors that this character is based on a character who turns out to be Bucky’s granddaughter in the comics. And the idea has kind of grown on me. At first I was like but Bucky didn’t have kids and then I was thinking… we don’t know that so it could be possible.

It could add emotional stakes to whatever her storyline is going to be (she seems like she’s working with Zemo in the previews but like I said I don’t know) and more importantly imagine how much fun Sam could have with that 🙂

But anyway I’m looking forward to these Steve characters to really move into the spotlight and shine (especially Sam) the action looks good and I’m hoping everything else writing and character wise will be as strong as I thought Wandavision was. We’ll see starting Friday!

6 thoughts on “My Hopes for Falcon and Winter Soldier

  1. I’ll be lowering my expectations a bit on theories, but otherwise, I totally agree with you. Apart from The Winter Soldier, I really enjoyed Falcon’s appearance in Ant-Man. Since that was just Sam doing his thing without Cap around to overshadow him. Hadn’t thought about that Bucky storyline. It would be an interesting thing to explore.

  2. This is my hope as well. We really didn’t get to know Sam or Bucky other than thru the lens of Steve. Sam had it the worst no doubt and I never realized how bad until you summed it up here. (They did my boy Anthony Mack dirty by making him Steve’s cheerleader 😭😭😭) This series opens SO MANY opportunities for Mackie and Stan to flesh out their characters beyond the monikers and persona. Hopes are high after WandaVision!

  3. This reminded me I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet! So I need to get on that! Also, I agree. In the comics, Sam Wilson is one of my favorite characters. His time as Captain America would be one of my all-time favorite runs of ‘Captain America’ by any author ever. It would be great to see a fleshed out version of Sam in this show like I’ve found in the comics.

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