Authors I Won’t Read Again?

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I’ve seen this topic floating around Youtube and at first I thought hm I’m a never give up kind of person when it comes to books and authors is there anyone I really would never, ever read again?

Naturally the first name that came to mind was…

Sarah J. Maas

But than I also thought I’m full of shit because I know I’ll be reading and complaining about the fairy series until the very last one when I’m sure Rhysand becomes the King of all Bullshit and lords it over everyone and I actually physically throw a book out a window.

And then naturally I thought of not so much an author but a book…

Winds of Winter

Although I admit I’m not overly interested in anything else from Martin I’m going to stay optimistic that one day we will all be reading The Winds of Winter (in which revenge for the series ending is achieved and Lady Stoneheart helps Dany kill Tyrion and Jon and takes the throne…)

I’ll probably be disappointed on that part but I have faith we’ll get the book.

So are there any authors I really quit.

Well truthfully…

behind her eyes

I won’t read Pinborough again. Personally I can take a lot in a book or a film but random animal torture? Nope. Plus this was the book with the twist that just didn’t do it for me.

V.E. Schwab

Schwab is a tough one to turn away from because she’s so hyped and I like hype. I like hype a little too much if you ask my bookshelves.

Plus she does have really good appealing ideas I think after Addie Larue I just have to accept the fact her execution always disappoints me and even in her series I find they start off strong and just don’t end that way for me.


I didn’t know anything about Gabbie Hanna when I picked the book up cheap at Target and even buying it cheap I felt insulted reading it. It was pretty much just doodles and I particularly was annoyed by the one “poem” where she admitted she was just filling pages for publication.

Then I learned a bit more about her and… never again. Hell I’ve been more careful about all the poetry books I’ve bought after this one 🙂

Finally while blogging has made me rethink some classics you’d have to go away to make me pick up James Joyce again…

Honestly all I remember about reading this in high school is pain and boredom. Pain and boredom and the style of the writing is not something I’ve ever changed my mind about over the years either.

So that’s my rather pessimistic take on the authors I’m done with (the reads I regret) and the two I’m with until the bitter writing end no matter how much I protest 🙂

10 thoughts on “Authors I Won’t Read Again?

  1. I agree, Joyce is simply intolerable. Another classic author I never really liked is Mark Twain. As far as contemporary writers, I gave up waiting for George Martin’s books a long time ago, lol.

  2. Watching the goodwill the Game of Thrones show built up dissipate into nothingness was downright surreal. What was once one of the single most discussed shows in the history of television completely deleted itself from the cultural conversation. It makes me wonder how the books are going to fare, and whether or not they’ll be able to rope the lost fans back in?

    1. Good question. I think he also faces a problem that most people (myself included) believe even if we get Winds one day A Dream of Spring is a hopeless quest and the series will still eventually be an unfinished disappointment. I’m just crossing my fingers he finishes my favs stories in Winds!

  3. Ooh this is an interesting topic! I’m firmly a believer in second chances but I have to say, my excitement for any more Game of Thrones books has plummeted.

    1. Understandably. I just hope somehow (since I think winds is still possible) he finishes Stoneheart and Jamie’s stories there. That’s all I want from him at this point!

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