Falcon and Winter Soldier: Lost & Broke

I admit I laughed when Sam said the Avengers didn’t get paid but depended on Goodwill. My first thought was how did you guys work that when you were on the run for two years??

But then I remembered Natasha was with them and she probably handled the logistics. Steve was usually best when she had his back anyway.


Now that you’ve been warned let’s talk about that atrocious ending.


Wyatt Russell seems like a nice dude but come on he’s a pretty good example of why some people should always have a beard going. Also I couldn’t help think this way leads to Homelander…

So the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier came out strong with character development and had some great action too.

Straight off the bat I loved Sam’s sister Sarah, Bucky’s therapist and Torres (who makes about as good decisions as Steve.)

The terrorist story was a little soft. Are those guys super soldiers? Because that’s an intriguing angle. I did like that Zemo was already on Bucky’s payback list.

It’s coming buddy. It’s coming.

Meanwhile Sam gave up the shield to the government in a scene afterward that made me want to throw something but was really good writing. What was with that ass? You did the right thing coming forward???

The Shield belongs to Sam!

I thought to Sam’s inability to let go of his “giant” of a father’s boat and his fear of never living up to Steve the man has some daddy issues you know?

Speaking of things that are probably going to go badly…

I figured the old friend of Bucky’s was the father or somehow related to the flashback kill that we saw. I do wonder if the kid was legit in the wrong place at the wrong time or was the target.

But I do appreciate the fact his pardon mandated therapy. Finally someone is getting some help. And I am sure nothing will go wrong on the quest for Zemo either.

Either way episode one was a strong start and considering it’s two characters I never really cared about and felt were ill used in the movies I’m hooked to see what happens to them. But hopefully they aren’t separated much longer!

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  1. I expected the ending, but I didn’t expect The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be seperated for the entire first episode. I hope they team up at least in the middle of the next episode. Although I can’t help but feel like it’ll be at the very end.

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