Harley & A Big Old Shark: The Suicide Squad

Well on a day that very much needed her I got some new Harley!!!

Actually it’s a trailer for The Suicide Squad but for me it’s always going to start with Harley 🙂

I also really like Michael Rooker so nice to see a lot of him and no June Moon/Enchantress. (If I missed a glimpse of her for some reason please don’t tell me…)

The CGI on King Shark looks about as good as it possibly can but I am tickled that they seem to be going with the goofy big lug like in The Harley Quinn Show.

That being said honestly it’s a first trailer. It was a little meh. But I’m happy with what we saw. The Suicide Squad is out in August in theaters and on HBOMAX (so if like me you were a little burned by the first one you can always give it a go from the privacy of your own sofa!)

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  1. The trailer made me a little nervous honestly. I expect immature humor from James Gunn, but nothing landed for me. That being said, it is too early to tell like you said.

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