Happy Obi-Wan News!

It feels like a long, long time since Mando ended and we had any good Star Wars news.

Cue my favorite cape dropping drama Jedi. We’ll both of them actually cause we got a cast list for the Obi-Wan show!

Ewan and Hayden were known of course as was Joel Edgerton returning as Uncle Ben. There’s a lot of great actors on the list actually though I’m not familiar with Simone Kessell and the only thing I think I’ve seen Bonnie Piesse in is the prequel trilogy.

But still.

Lots to wonder about whose playing who… Will Anakin and Vader meet or will it be flashbacks?

Or both?

And as I have always wanted to see Alderaan in live action for longer than a blink will Obi-Wan go check on Leia as well? I mean Indira Varma gives me Queen of Alderaan vibes to be honest.

A girl can dream.

Actually I’m just shocked that this show finally seems to be happening!

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    1. Especially for 6 episodes and I have to wonder since Rosario is under contract for multiple appearances if that means an Ahsoka appearance as well!

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