TFAWS: Black Falcon, White Wolf & Baby Homelander

*This ramble contains spoilers for episode 2 of The Falcon and Winter Soldier!

First I want to say I’m happy they are giving us some gray with John Walker but boy was I getting some baby Homelander vibes from him by the end.

I mean I don’t think he’s a homicidal sociopath in a position of power but I definitely think he’s going to crack under the pressure.

Meanwhile I was glad to see Sam and Bucky back together. I think Bucky had some great moments here especially. It’s such friendship that he did, after months of apparently ignoring his texts, take the time to go yell at Sam about the shield and then invite himself on the mission.

Which does lead me to some questions of Sam’s relationship to the military on these missions? If it even is the military? Though they were involved in one and Torres is back here sort of.

But pardoned or not I don’t know if they’d be happy about Bucky helping and to be fair at the end Bucky says they are free agents. So they just let Sam use their stuff? Why can’t he get a loan if he’s a military contractor?

I know. I know. But I appreciate the little everyday things involved in the show but it only makes me wonder more!

There’s also a lot of super solider serum floating around apparently. I’m wondering if the Flag Smashers didn’t also get it from the government during the Blip when everything went to hell.

And you got to wonder is John Walker juiced up? It’s stated no he’s just an exceptional soldier but maybe like the sups in The Boys- he doesn’t know it yet or he will do it himself and that will make things worse.

I did like seeing Isaiah Bradley who also had the super soldier serum and tangled with Bucky back in Korea.

Excellent actor and his story made me tear up. That along with Sam and Bucky being stopped by the cops and Sam being threatened was well done on Marvel’s part. Boy repeatedly help save the world and you still get screwed over time and again.

I’d like to see more of Isaiah and apparently his grandson is another Young Avenger so maybe we will. (Young Avengers are popping up everywhere aren’t they?)

Anyway another good character episode.

I have some questions about how much is seemingly left in only four more episodes and where the Marvel TV shows might be going but that’s a story for another day. I have to say to I loved the band music in the beginning over the logo!

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