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The Lost Apothecary

A hidden apothecary in 18th century London specializing in helping women get rid of “troublesome” men?

Sounds like a good Spring read to me!

The Lost Apothecary also boasts one of the – I don’t want to say stupidest because that’s harsh- but one of the most ridiculously boneheaded moves I’ve seen a character do in a while.
And also realistically boneheaded.

But the story takes place in present times where Caroline is spending her tenth anniversary in London alone and she stumbles onto the mystery of this lost apothecary and we jump back to said poisoner Nella whose most recent two clients have brought her different problems.

Overall I thought it was an enjoyable book even if the connection is a little tenuous. Caroline pretty much stumbles over this and I’m not sure there was a good character wise connection between her and Nella either. I mean both had problems sure. Oh plus the boneheaded move does lead to a weird interlude in current day but that didn’t entirely work for me.

However separately I did like both stories.

And I did feel like how Nella got into what she was doing was interesting and well done however on the other hand I felt the stories kind of reverse and her story resolution gets a little wonky while Caroline’s is stronger.

So long story short: The Apothecary is a good Spring/Beach read. I liked the characters and the idea of this poisonous apothecary back in the day (and in one of those clients you can see why and how she actually does help keep women with no hope safe) but it doesn’t quite gel.

Recommend: Yes.

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