The Falcon & Winter Soldier: Many Stories Many Questions

I got to give Marvel credit for committing to the darker elements of this story I’ll say that.

** Spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier up through episode 4.

So as it stands at the end of episode 4 Sam was making some headway with Karli. Zemo escaped because everyone was acting like children – something that likely didn’t surprise him in the least- and John Walker went even further than I thought he would off the rails.


I read an article recently that people were mad that with the bombing they had turned a freedom fighter into a villain and I was like… she’s really only a ‘freedom fighter’ is just depending on how you look at it.

She knew exactly what she was doing with that bomb and whether she backed down or not her de facto thought was to tell Sam anyone in her way was an obstacle who had to go. She felt really bad seemingly about threatening Sarah and her kids… but she still did it.

(I’m not going to get into Walker here because he’s a whole other can of worms and I think my slight, slight problems with the Karli character are built on sketchy world building.)

Just like killing Battlestar and running in this episode. Oh she was shocked she killed someone but hey Karli wasn’t that the point? Just the wrong person. Why did that bother her? And hey it was a strong incredible moment but still I don’t get why I’m supposed to feel for this character just because she may have a point.

And than she hid in the crowd and watched while rage infused mad man Walker killed her friend and all I could think was like hon, you’re a super soldier to she could have at least, at the very least distracted him from bringing the shield down in the first place.

I mean this is going to be an unpopular opinion but I don’t see her at base as all that different from Walker. Intentions may be (or have been) good and genuine but in way the hell over her head and making things so much worse.

Which leads into the World-Building.

As far as the Blip is concerned I appreciate that Marvel is dealing with it but we’re still seemingly only being given pieces and if you buy into the Flag Smashers thing I mean it seemingly implies that things were better and maybe even Thanos was right in the long run.

While we have been given hints before that no those five-years were pretty hellish for a lot of people. It’s definitely chaos and hell again seemingly. But there’s no really good grasp for me on that.

I think for me right now something with the whole Flag Smashers story on a macro level isn’t connecting. It feels like something is missing.


I think one problem is we haven’t seen this dude yet. Or have we? I’m fine with the theory it’s Sharon whose return I enjoyed.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is packing a lot of story-telling into it’s time but at this point I am wondering a bit with only two hours left if they bite off more than they could chew.

Sam and Bucky… and Zemo

Episode 3 was probably my least favorite in large part because I didn’t like the ease of Zemo’s escape or Bucky’s hand in it and Sam going with it after a few objections.

(Apparently one qualification for being Captain America is having a weak spot for Bucky Barnes.)

But I’m also a little curious as to what Sam’s role is in terms of oversight. Bucky said in episode 2 they didn’t answer to anyone like Walker and Lamar and Sam was previously using military planes and Torres (I miss him!) to get around. But they also did help a convicted murderer get out of prison and Bucky whose basically Sam’s side kick at this point was pointedly video taped in Winter Soldier mode so… it seems weird Sam isn’t even a little worried about ramifications here for either of them (save mentally for Bucky)…

He’s seemingly sure he can get Sharon a pardon.

Plus he’s been easily recognized a few times now… yet he can’t get a loan.

Anyway I am enjoying the show and keeping an open mind but at this point I have to wonder if they should have left the Flag Smashers out and kept this to the Powerbroker and the debate about the Super Soldier Serum and the symbolism of the shield.

Or have the Flag Smashers being super soldiers working for the Power Broker who had the serum in the first place and my other wonder how did Karli manage to steal it in the first place?

And along with the missing Torres they eluded to Isaiah in both episodes 3 and 4 and Bucky’s elderly friend again in 3. It kind of feels like we’d see all of them again I’d like to get some conclusion to those stories but will we even have the time? Remains to be seen I suppose!

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  1. I won’t say the show is like WandaVision in how many plotlines it’s leaving open ended, but I agree that 2 hours may not be enough for what they’re doing. I’m liking the show for its action and banter, but their political drama is very hit or miss for me. I am looking forward to next week’s episode. I hear there’s gonna be a major guest star.

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