Ranking the Animated Oscar Nominees

The animated film category is one of the only where I’ve watched all the nominees and for the most part enjoyed them (sometimes a lot more than the Best Film picks to be honest) enough so that ranking them was a wee bit difficult but also…

I just really wanted to do a ranking.


I really loved the Croods 2 when I finally watched it. Better than the first (which was still good) made me laugh several times, great animation, great performances and some good emotion.

I don’t know why this didn’t make the cut.

Frankly I’d sub it for…

Number 5

Shaun of the Sheep Farmageddon

Nothing against this perfectly pleasant movie. It’s about a farm sheep who meets an adorable little alien (that looks like a dog) and hijinks ensure. Everything is good. I just couldn’t help think… I’d enjoy it a lot more if I was a young kid, or had young kids, and I thought I was being unfair until I checked some reviews that were like yeah I watched it with my kids and grandkids.

And hey nothing against the movie if you did love it more power to you. I just don’t see how we got this… with the other options.

Number 4

Over the Moon

Number 3

Ian and sort of dad in Onward


Both of these movies deal with grief and the loss of a parent. And they were really, really close for me. It depends I suppose on how you judge movies and animation. I thought Over the Moon was beautiful, colorful (had a great music number) and cute animals while I thought Onward was pretty typical for Pixar for most of the movie.

Still story wise I knew exactly where Over the Moon was going and wasn’t surprised while the ending of Onward and particularly the choice Ian makes was a surprise to me but at the same time well-earned and had me in tears so I give an edge to Onward in the end.

Number 2

Wolfwalkers is an absolutely beautiful film about a girl whose father hunts wolves and she really wants to hunt with him (but considering she shots her bird at one point it’s probably not the best idea) anyway she meets another girl and learns that when she sleeps she becomes and runs with the wolves.

This is an Apple TV film and I feel like that’s one of the reasons so many people are sleeping on it. Beautiful music as well. It really feels like I’m watching a fairy tale come to life.

I wasn’t as in love with some parts of the animation but that was little and just nitpicking at this point.

If Wolfwalkers does an upset I wouldn’t be the least bit upset by it and much like Ted Lasso it’s worth Apple TV.

Number 1

I realize Soul is the popular choice but I give this story of a man who accidentally goes to the before instead of the beyond and meets a soul who doesn’t want to go to Earth an edge.

Mostly due to the imagination of the Before, the scene with 22’s previous mentors, the music and that ending.

So I think Soul is a should win/ will win kind of movie πŸ™‚