TFAWS: Characters, Closure & Finale Predictions

Credit where credit is due after episode 4 I complained about the seemingly endless story threads but the penultimate episode actually did a good job of closing enough of them down that I think we’re rocketing into a action-packed and hopefully strong finale.

Also there’s already rumors of a season 2 which I’d be down for seeing more of Sam and Bucky’s adventures.


So in one episode they provided closure on Zemo/Wakanda, Isaiah Bradley, Sarah and the boat and Sam wound up with the shield and a (still unseen for now) suit.

Plus Torres returned and is in possession of the broken (for now) Falcon wings. It was heavily implied Bucky’s going to see his friend and close that story line down and maybe less heavily implied that Sharon is indeed Powerbroker. I mean she busted a guy out of jail to go and kill Sam.

Okay actually much like the bigger picture with the Flag Smashers and Karli something still isn’t hitting their for me but now I’m much more hopeful that it will.

Also ever since the first episode when we didn’t get the trailer shoots of Sam practicing with the shield I was wondering if they actually put the end in the trailer. I should have known better.

Those scenes showed up in this episode.

So yeah besides some nice character stuff what else is going on…

Well Karli and her park zombies are going to attack the GRC.

And John Walker has been other than honorably cut loose by the government and is now seeking vengeance on his own. Also maybe possibly Madame Hydra. We’ll see about that one.

I did think that was a nice bit in the beginning with him running to the warehouse for just a second I thought okay maybe the dude did snap and is horrified by what he did but then he doubled down and doubled down hard at that.

Good little moments of him lying to Lamar’s family and bringing up the fact that the shield’s ownership is a little bit murky.

My finale predictions:

One big old fight.

Karli either gets away or dies. No in between catching her. Though I could still see Sam maybe getting her to stand down first.

Torres is the new Falcon 🙂

One more cameo.

Sam gets his due.

The Powerbroker is revealed but it’s a tease for another season or possibly another show period.

Either way it’s been a fun ride and I’ve been impressed with the amount of storytelling they’ve fit into 6 episodes!

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  1. Love your predictions, it’ll be interesting to see which ones come true! On the whole, I’ve enjoyed this show but I’m not finding myself invested in Karli and the Flag Smashers as much as I should be.

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