Things I Hate Seeing In Movies

I’ve been trying to stay positive recently but movies (and books obviously) are my happy place and when something annoys you it just annoys you.

Actually this is mostly because I watched Nomadland and while a really good movie it has the number one thing that annoys me…

I don’t need to see people going to the bathroom on screen. Like get off the toilet (or the bucket in the case of Nomadland) granted I don’t see it a lot but it feels like more and more.

Realism is great isn’t it?

And I’m sure people are like yes, yes it is and I respect that but if you wanted to know how she was going to the bathroom there’s also the whole little scene with the woman doing the bucket tutorial that was actually pretty funny.

I admit it didn’t take away from the movie. We all have our little things right? I don’t need to see you shaking it out or having the runs.

I have a friend who ever since high school avoided certain comedies and would squirm in her seats at some scenes in other movies because she would get second hand embarrassment so badly for the characters.

They didn’t even need to realize they were being embarrassed! She’d feel it for them!

I also hate it when animals are sad (animals dying or abuse is another thing I don’t want to see but I check spoilers when I think that is even possible) and that includes animated movies. As much as I hate it I’d rather watch everyone go to the bathroom than see a sad animal!

FYI if you do want to know if the animal dies check out the website DoesTheDogDie.Com

They have all kinds of spoilers for emotional minefields you might not want to see on the screen.

But Nomadland was good. Loved the cinematography I do think the movie itself is a bit overhyped (and Frances was good but Carey was robbed for Best Actress) but it’s on Hulu so it was worth the watch.

Recommend Nomadland: Sure.