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5 Questions for Marvel

Marvel released a sizzle reel kind of trailer for phase 4 (and a celebration of movies) yesterday and while it all looks good I have some questions about recent news and just musings on the future of Marvel. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 major questions.

This post obviously talks about the trailer but also some casting news. All public so no spoilers unless you’re avoiding everything completely.

Where is Blade?

I know. I know. They just hired a writer but Fantastic 4 can’t be much further along and they stuck that up there. It feels like a lot of silence on Blade. I’m a patient person but you dangle Mahershala Ali at Comic-con and then just go radio silence?? I kind of question Blade and the seemingly endless Deadpool rumors whether we’ll ever get either.

And really I can understand the value of a headline but why even announce a film when it’s so far out?

But where do the shows really fit in the bigger picture?

Feige has said even this year that you won’t need to watch the shows to understand the movies which even at the time seemed a bit of a slap to the shows. Granted I think you can get away with it for some characters like Wanda, Sam and Bucky but now we straight up have The Marvels.

Captain Marvel sharing the title with not one but two characters only introduced in the shows? Will they take up space re-introducing them?

Then also we’re getting a Captain America 4 instead of a season 2 of that show so does the storyline they started their carry over regarding Sharon/US Agent/Val, etc or since that was the show do we get a whole new story line? And if that’s the case do all those threads just hang out there?

And will they really do Secret Invasion as only a show?

(That’s already a lot of questions I know but just combine them all under the bigger one!)

Who should be the Queen?

Emilia Clarke is confirmed for Secret Invasion and Olivia Coleman was in talks last I heard so naturally rumor has it Clarke will be the Skrull Queen and I’m just like Clarke would be a perfect Abigail Brand and it would be a ton of fun!

And then Coleman could be the Skrull Queen!

Either way with their casting Secret Invasion got even more interesting to me 🙂

Where have you been?

The Eternals to me seems like it might be Marvel’s most complicated origin story and among other questions the idea that they’ve been here to protect Earth for thousands of years leaves me wondering…

Well what the hell where they doing for the last ten or so years of Marvel land? Fine you let the humans do their thing but I really don’t see why Thanos wouldn’t have been an uh-oh level event for them their going to have to explain that to me. It feels to me like the cameo at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League where the one character shows up and is like I’m here to help and I’m just like…

Now? Now?

Well that and Kit Harrington being a romantic lead. The only actor on Game of Thrones he ever had chemistry with that he didn’t marry in real life was Richard Madden actually and Marvel’s definitely not going to do that.

Is it overkill?

Yeah I am not one to believe that the downfall of Marvel is coming at all or that superheroes are on their way out. But I do kind of wonder as the stories begin to massively expand (on television as well) and we seemingly get several different on-going stories at the same time will people get overwhelmed and start to check out.

Maybe instead of a world Marvel will become more of a “follow your fav” character kind of thing for a lot of people. Which isn’t a bad thing it’s generally what happens to me with reading comics. It gets too big, too complicated and I don’t really care about half of what’s going on so I check out.

But than again I always come back 🙂

FYI- the trailer:

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