Ranking Some recent Reads

Super Girl handles the books

So I’ve been back to some heavy reading but every time I think about writing a review it’s like…

Me: I should write about this book. I have lots of thoughts.

(Five hours later.)

Me: Apparently not so many or coherent thoughts.

So I thought I’d just throw a few mini-reviews together and rank some of my recent reads!

This was a reread for me about what happens when a small town in Maine (naturally for King) gets locked under a dome and all hell breaks loose in a really shocking amount of time.

I still love the idea and I remember loving the book first time around (which would have been about 2008) but I had clearly blocked out Junior and his father because I was just not in the mood. I mean it basically starts off with Junior brutally killing a girl and then he spends time with her otherwise and just him and his father…

The violence and the misogyny was just too much.

I think it annoys me more that most of Kings biggest books the bad guys never lose until they lose, you know? And it never feels as satisfying as it should.

Recommend: Negative.

Maybe only for King diehards.

This is about an artificial friend called Klara and I feel so bad about not liking this more. I love all things AI and it was definitely beautiful written just we see everything from Klara’s limited POV so the world feels so vague.

There is this long-running storyline about a sick person (I wanted to know what they were talking about there to) and a question that comes up that’s rather interesting but that just doesn’t last either.

It was like me in a museum I can admire the art but otherwise I was a little too lost and ultimately bored.

Recommend: Eh.

It’s hard to not recommend Ishiguro just because this didn’t connect with me. If you’re looking for a character study? Sure. If you’re looking for something more in-depth with the world… you may end up frustrated.

I kind of laughed at the trigger warnings in the beginning- not that they were there- I appreciate that and some of the things that came up like the fat phobia probably good of the author to include.

But do we really need a trigger warning for murder on a book called arsenic and adobo?

So this is about a girl whose shitty ex-boyfriend drops dead in her families restaurant right after they get into a fight and you know where this is going for her. Well… it was going into Riverdale territory cause none of these people seemed to behave normally. That being said I’m putting this smack in the middle because while I spent most of the book rolling my eyes thinking if these people were slightly smarter they could figure this out easily and I must admit…

The actual crime things were a lot more detailed than I was giving credit for and generally more in depth.

Which does make it a little worse because these people were so unnatural to me and behaved in such a weird heightened reality that I couldn’t buy any of it. But these cozy kitchen mysteries are new to me so I might have been lost for a reason.

The food descriptions were on point though. It made me hungry and that’s got to count for something.

Recommend: Sure.

There was a lot of hype for this mystery a “is the kid bad or is the mother imagining things?” with a little bit of – if the kid is bad is she that way because the mother couldn’t love her “correctly?”

I don’t hang around a lot of kids and especially not babies and toddlers but if one sank their teeth into my face so deeply that they drew blood and you needed someone else to help pry them off you but then they were just fine with dad I think I’d have problems with loving them to.

I actually liked the mystery here and the tension (though the father is an absolute dullard I wanted to smack which does seem par for the course in books like this) but than it veers off into heavy, heavy grief that might make it very hard for some people to read. It was hard for me to read.

Interestingly I don’t recall seeing any trigger warnings on this one certainly not like Arsenic and Adobo.

Good ending but in the end the grief was tough and I wanted more in the present and not the history of Blythe’s mother and grandmother.

Recommend: Yes.

But beware the death of children and descriptive depression and grief.

Agent Sonya is the story of a woman who spied for the Russians successfully for almost two decades all over the world really. I had heard the name before but was shocked when they get into what she was involved with really and how she was so damned good at it.

The fact that she was a woman and everyone wrote her off was a big part of her success and its rather maddening to read.

Her fate was also quite a shock. But it was a fun engaging read and took me to places I didn’t expect through the world and history.

I learned something. I was entertained. I was a little enraged in some places. What more can you ask for in a book?

Recommend: Yes.

It’s probably not a surprise that Susanna Clarke wrote the most interesting book I’ve read in a while.

Piranesi is about a guy in a strange endless house surrounded by ocean whose exploring it and meeting every now and again with another strange man and honestly this book was such a ride.

It was a bit like a vegetable at one point I was going to DNF the damned thing because it wasn’t my taste but then you start peeling back the layers and I’m intrigued and then fascinated with where this is going into that’s a crazy mix of the out there/unexpected and also… reality.

It was just weird and interesting and not at all what I was expecting so score!

Recommend: Yes.

And maybe stick with it through the beginning although I also completely understand why people wouldn’t like it.

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