Movie Nostalgia: About A Boy

You ever have those movies where you remember loving them but don’t watch them for ages so you forget a lot of the details and it’s like watching them all over again?

And no matter how many times that happens you still always love them…

About A Boy was always one of those movies for me. I watched it again and it still is plus it holds up.

It’s about Hugh Grant who plays a man whose a happy island living off the royalties of his father’s one time hit Christmas song (I really should write a Christmas song cause he’s living pretty damn nice to). A happy bachelor with no desire to change he hits upon well hitting up single moms by inventing a kid.

Only he meets an actual kid who needs a friend in the form of Marcus (a young Nicholas Hoult who was adorable even then.)

And together the two attempt to actually help each other and grow up. The film was adapted by the Weitz brothers from a Nick Hornby novel and I remember both of them being very in vogue at the time.

I think the movie is still funny and sweet and has a good balance even though we hit some pretty dark tones as well. (Trigger warnings for suicide attempt, depression and bullying.)

I thought some of Will’s messing with the single moms wouldn’t be overly popular today but you know what? The film also calls that out and has really nice roles for Toni Colette (as Marcus’ mom) and Rachel Weisz as the serious single mother who may just make Will regret his life choices.

And the Killing Me Softly bit… well I still think that’s one of the best moments in Hugh Grant’s filmography 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

It stands up. It’s still totally enjoyable and more than worth a watch whether first time or many, many times!

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  1. I remember liking this movie, too, but also fuzzy on the details because it’s been so long. I never made the Nicholas Hoult connection until now; as it happens, I just watched him in Tolkien. Adorable, as a kid and as an adult, lol.

      1. Absolutely. I just remembered he was in Fury Road, too, a movie I just love. He was the main War Boy, can’t remember his name. Great actor.

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