Oxygen is Worth A Watch

I would not have expected 90 minutes about a woman stuck in a cryogenic pod and fast running out of air to be the first new movie to hold my attention throughout for a while.

But here we are.

FYI if you are very claustrophobic I’d tread lightly. I am myself but it never bothers me in films and I wasn’t bothered here.

Oxygen is by Alexandre Aja who also did Crawl a couple of years ago now which was way more enjoyable than it had any right to be.

I’m not going to say to much about this film because I went into it blind and this is one of those where I’m like, yeah I need to go into more films without knowing anything about them it adds to the experience.

And it is an experience and props to the awesome Melanie Laurent because she pulls you in from the beginning and you are with her throughout. Again I don’t want to say too much but I could see this being one of my favorite performances of the year. And it’s a very beautifully shot movie at times.

The way the story unfolds to you are thrown in much like she is and very much go on the journey with her.

It’s a great sci-fi thriller on Netflix and well worth the watch.

It’s in subtitles yes but I’ve found that the best films it doesn’t even matter. Laurent can easily get across the emotion and at a certain point something just clicks in my brain and it doesn’t even feel like you’re watching with subtitles anymore.

Anyway I’m glad I gave this one a go.

New movie slump over?

Fingers crossed. 🙂

Recommend: Yes!

There’s actually a lot of new stuff this weekend but don’t overlook this one. It’s worth it!

2 thoughts on “Oxygen is Worth A Watch

  1. Yesss! I can’t recommend this highly enough. I know the subtitles will put a lot of people off but it isn’t dialogue-heavy so fingers crossed it gets a large audience.

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