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Army of the Dead: Good Summer Zombie Fun

Why in these movies is there always a character who picks the worst possible moment to confront the “untrustworthy” possibly bad character (usually quietly with no one else around) and threatens to expose them the minute they get through this?

And I’m just thinking does it ever work out for those characters? Can’t they just keep their mouths shut until they you know, get through it?

I went back to the cinema for the first time in more than a year!!!

And it was to see a movie that will be on Netflix on Friday but hey what the heck? My roommate paid 🙂 Anyway Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is about a group of mercenaries who trek into blocked off and zombie filled Vegas to recover millions of dollars in a safe in one of the hotels.

It’s big glorious summer zombie fun!

Credit where credit is due the cast (led by Dave Bautista) is good and Snyder actually spends some time setting them up in the beginning. I liked about 70% of them which is good.

I mean unfortunately the ones I didn’t like where integral to the wrench in the finale so that might be a problem. There was some corny dialogue throughout and a whole lot of gore.

Plus okay zombie aside…

I love Alpha Zombies (as they are in this movie though they actually have both) I like em fast, smart and an actual threat. Which I think is one of the many, many reasons I gave up on The Walking Dead. Which apparently is a very controversial thing I learned from The Walking Dead that many fans like them slow and dumb. But zombies gonna do what zombies gonna do and these were good.

Especially the sounds they made while communicating with each other. That gave me the creeps.

The zombie make-up also looked good as did the shots of Vegas and the desert is always pretty. A shockingly small amount of slow-motion in this one to! I do have to say some of the other shots were a little wonky including Valentine and unfortunately shots with Tig Notaro.

I was trying to decide whether I would have picked up on it if I didn’t know she had been CGI in… but I think in a few you know something is off enough that it invades your brain a bit too much.

But overall Army of the Dead is good fun zombies. Good Snyder and a good start to the summer while I don’t know that I’d say go to the theater I’d definitely watch it on Netflix. Actually I will likely watch it again on Netflix 🙂 Maybe some of those wonky shots look better on the small screen.

Recommend: Yes.

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