Marvel’s Eternals Gamble

Well we got a teaser trailer for Marvel’s Eternals movie and while I’m not as enthused about this story I am interested that this may be Marvel’s biggest gamble.

At least in terms of character origin stories.

Plus I want to be enthused I really do.

Marvel has generally liked to keep their origin stories relatively simple but this one won’t just include many characters but a couple thousand years of human history to go through.

Which brings me to the other thing I have to see if they’ll cover if they haven’t interfered “until now” as said in the trailer like I have to ask… Where were you when Thanos was kicking the shit out of humanity???

There’s even a comic connection to Thanos.

What exactly is happening now that is more important???

Also I admit personal bias here I once heard this described as a love story between stars Kit Harrington and Gemma Chan and if that’s true than certain elements of this teaser make me think love triangle and well I don’t have much faith in Harrington’s ability to create chemistry with people that aren’t his real life wife.

I hope I’m surprised but I can see this movie ending with her throwing over Madden and me just being like nope, I’m out of here. Although I must say in the little time they spent together on screen I thought Madden and Harrington actually did have chemistry. But I’m Madden does seem a chemistry magnet.

Like I said I hope to be surprised. I hope there’s a lot more Ma Dong-seok than I think I’m going to get in this oversized cast. And well this looks to be as beautiful as Nomadland but it also looks like it’s going to need a whole lot of story to back it up hopefully Chloe Zhao can handle.

I mean I feel a little pessimistic considering a lot of the response on-line seems to be like etch it onto next years Best Picture Oscar statue. But hopefully a longer trailer will sell me more!

It seems like we’re getting a lot of trailers fingers crossed the rumors about The Last Night in Soho trailer being tomorrow come true πŸ™‚