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Casting News, Taylor and Spidey Rumors

So the Willy Wonka prequel is going forward with Timothee Chalamet and I can not even imagine what that origin story is going to look like.

I mean that was a movie that scared the crap out of me when I was a horror and chocolate loving kid and I found Johnny Depp just as unsettling so I don’t know how I feel about this.

I mean it’s good casting and I’m definitely interested I just… I can’t even imagine. In other casting news that I am fully in favor of Henry Cavill is in talks to star in a Highlander reboot.

We can talk about Hollywood’s lack of imagination another time okay? Cause Henry in a kilt and sword? I am in. Actually I have like no memory of Highlander it’s going to get a rewatch real soon I’m sure.

Also we are getting a sequel to Enola Holmes with Millie and Henry for sure coming back which I’m actually really excited about. I loved that film and thought I wanted to see more of both of them.

Plus I know it’s a pipe dream but I’m still holding out hope for Henry as Captain Britain in the Marvel universe.

There’s a whole ton of people going to be in the Knives Out sequel but the best one is Kathryn Hahn so yeah…

The Internet is rife with speculation about when the Spiderman trailer is dropping which I say is not going to be until Fast 9 or Black Widow but I’m usually wrong so you never know.

***Okay there’s some rumors and speculation about Spiderman’s Sony future that are based on so far unconfirmed rumors about whose appearing in the next movie. That stuff is pretty public but if you want to be surprised (if it’s even happening) skip the next three paragraphs.




Anyway Sony has cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a Kraven film. I don’t honestly have any opinion on that. He’s rather meh to me but the more interesting rumors is that Sony is going to use the upcoming Spiderman movie and have either Tobey or Andrew appear somewhere in the future Sinister Six world they seem to be building which isn’t the worst idea.

Except they teased Adrian Tomes (Michael Keaton)… who was very much in Tom Holland’s Spiderman debut so I’m not sure how that would work.

But maybe he’ll stay in another universe after this whole multiverse of Madness thing? Who knows?




Spiderman speculation over.

Margot Robbie has been talking a lot recently about Gotham City Sirens. Which I’ve been dreaming of a new live-action Ivy for years and I’m still a little nervous. Birds of Prey was fine. It was fun. But it didn’t have much to do with the Birds of Prey and I’m hoping (beyond hope considering they still work together) Robbie will get a new writer and learn to share the screen.

Because all my endless ideas for Ivy I don’t want to see Harley Quinn and here are some people who are sort of like the Gotham City Sirens.

I’m much happier with how all three of them were portrayed in the Harley Quinn animated series if it comes to that.

The awesome Michelle Gomez is going to be in Doom Patrol season 3 which for me makes it’s iffy season 2 a little bit more bearable 🙂

And lastly Taylor Swift has a role in the new David O. Russell movie with Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and Anya Taylor-Joy (oh please let them be sisters!) and about a dozen other big names so it’s probably a very small role. I’m not the biggest fan of his movies but the cast will definitely get me in a seat.

I hope it turns out for the best 🙂

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