Witcher News, Monsters and M.O.M

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

Well Geeked Week did bring us a teaser, full of fast images and Ciri centric. It wasn’t what I was hoping for but hey I do like that character and there’s a date for when we might get further news…

And then they announced there would be some kind of combined Witcher/Witcher game show event on July 9th

So I’d put money on a trailer and a date on July 9th. You can submit questions for the cast now however.

In other news we did get a trailer for Monsters at Work. In all honesty I haven’t watched any of the non-Marvel/Star Wars shows on Disney+ but I’ll check this one out.

For fans of graphic novels Emilia Clarke, the Dragon Queen herself, has written one called MOM.

I love Clarke and I’ll probably check it out to support her but honestly it’s a nice idea but I’ve never been one of those enamored with the whole your period gives you super powers. Plus swinging from armpit hair sounds weird and frankly I’d imagine more than painful. Maybe even more painful than cramps? I mean if I was really forced to chose between the two I might chose the radioactive spider and spiders terrify me.

So it’s in my maybe pile. I do like the art work though. So we’ll see 🙂

Lastly with the Emmy campaign in full swing two of my favorites interviewed each other:

And some Star Wars love even if I think we’ll see Obi-Wan long before we see another episode of Mando 🙂

I know I’m wildly ahead of myself but Christmas for an Obi-Wan trailer? A girl can dream right?

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