Sorry Catwoman Heroes Don’t Do that

So it’s making the rounds now that DC asked the makers of Harley Quinn (the brilliant animated show on HBO Max) to cut a scene of Batman having oral sex with Catwoman because ‘heroes don’t do that…’

Which is probably why the DC villains gallery is so much better 🙂

I just found it interesting because you would think Harley Quinn would be one place they could get away with it. And while I’m not the biggest fan of either in the comics I was pretty sure they had sex there to.

Maybe it’s just the oral that’s upsetting DC?

I do think the Twitter response and the memes have been particularly on point for this one…

But apparently when asked by the creators to clarify they were told it was because they sell consumer toys of Batman and ‘it’s hard to sell a toy of Batman if he’s going down on someone.’


I assume they wouldn’t be selling a toy of Batman actually going down on someone and let’s be honest make it a collectible and I bet you’d find buyers!

Which is interesting because from what I understand Deadpool merchandise has sold very well over the years and that first movie had a year long seasonal sex scene that didn’t stop those sales. And you know Deadpool goes down. I mean I assume Marvel will take care of that if those movies ever continue (doubt it).

Also I do have to wonder in this adults shows with extreme graphic violence and language what that might mean for Harley and Ivy’s relationship because I mean Harley does sell a hell of a lot of merchandise herself although I guess that proves the hero/villain point.

You can sexualize the hell out her because she’s bad? I don’t know. Probably not the point they want to make.

Anyway I just thought the whole thing was funny because I’m currently reading (and enjoying)…

Which is sadly not about the first people to ever figure sex out but still very interesting and it mostly about how we have fucked it up over the years, created our own boundaries and shamed things as time and society see fit and not even because they are really shameful.

Been a good read so far and now DC is going and shaming Batman because oral sex is not something heroes would do just kind of proves the point.

It seems like a really strange at best muddled message. I mean when you look at the mainstream movies we did just have Wonder Woman and Steve have sex… while he was riding in someone else’s un-consenting body so maybe Deadpool is still the best superhero sex we’re gonna get anytime soon.

Still at least Harley Quinn season 3 is moving along!

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