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Loki, Mobius & The Variant

One of the reasons I love Loki (and why I think he’s been such a popular character in the MCU) I truly always believe he can go either way. That he both adores his family and would destroy them. That he would want to be loved equally as he’s feared. That he can be both the brutal killer and the scamp freeing goats and going on about how nothing matters.

That’s also why I’m fascinated with Mobius and his relation with Loki.

(Spoilers through episode 2!)

At one point he tells Loki in episode 2 there’s two reasons he might be trying to help him and Loki can decide whether it’s A. he feels sorry for the ice runt or B. will do anything to catch the variant and I’m like obviously it’s C. Both of the Above!

I think the bigger question with Mobius and the TVA is where will he fall at the end? You get the scene with Ravonna where he seems to be picking at things and questioning, “Why can’t Loki step off the timeline and play a different part?” And you feel that maybe, just maybe he’s asking about himself as well.

The man just wants to ride a jet ski.

But then in that excellent lunch room talk with Loki (and how did they know these two would have such great chemistry?) he sounds like a true believer in the face of Loki’s questions.

Which makes me wonder if this goes the way we think and the TVA is bad or there’s no wizard behind the curtain at all… where would Mobius fall? Would he help Loki expose the truth or would he become an enemy? I could honestly see either way happening right now and that’s part of the reason I’m enjoying his character so much!

I also loved the little touches to this episode as they chased down the Loki variant. Miss Minutes (Tara Strong is great) still looking pissed off even after Loki stopped swatting her and went to work, the TVA belt buckles, Loki reaching for and kneeling down to check on Hunter B15, Casey’s reaction to Loki stealing his juice.

It’s obvious Hiddleston is enjoying himself!

And then we get the reveal of “The Variant Loki”

To which my first honest thought was…

Why is she blonde?

I know. I know. I have faith in the Marvel Gods of Casting and no knowledge of this actress so I’m sure she’ll knock it out of the park but I saw someone say if this is Lady Loki it should have been Krysten Ritter and I was just like, “Ah man!” Or a raven-haired Natalie Dormer.

But than again there’s now some question as to who she’s really playing or if she’s a mash-up of several characters. Either way she blew up the sacred timeline and seemingly emptied the TVA offices by the end of the episode (although it seems Ravonna knows something is coming). So bigger mysteries abound this week! Loki chases after her and I hope him and Mobius can make up the seeming betrayal. Things certainly seem to be getting weirder.

And I’m just wondering how long Holding Out for a Hero is going to be dancing around my head!

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