My Emmy Nomination Wish List

The Emmy nominations will be announced in July so that means they’re voting now and I thought I’d put out there a few of my dream nominations cause it’s actually been a good year for watching television series for me!

Starting with perhaps the one I think is most deserved and it’s not really a Best Actor race if he’s not in it…

I thought The Boys Season 2 was a tiny bit uneven but in terms of acting they were once again fantastic and Antony Starr deserves to be in Best Actor (hell he deserved it for season one!)

So for that matter does Karl Urban and it would be wonderful to see Karen Fukuhara in the Best Supporting Actress category as Kimiko had a really strong emotional season.

Originally I was thinking Giancarlo Esposito for The Mandalorian but he also had some fantastic season book ending seasons with Anthony Starr and Karl Urban in The Boys so I think he could easily get in for either or both even!

Ted Lasso seems like it’s going to be a given for Comedy and Sudekis but with Schitt’s Creek out of the running I kind of hope it runs the tables but I’d especially love to see some supporting nominations for Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple as what they did with Keeley and Rebecca’s relationship was one of the nicest (and sadly most surprising) in the show…

I saw an article recently ‘will Jean Smart edge Kaley Cuoco out of the Emmy race?’ Now I love Jean Smart and I haven’t seen Hacks but if there’s not room for Cuoco that would be a real shame. The Flight Attendant was a blast, Cuoco is already acing the post Big Bang Theory career and also I’m going to see it as in addition to her excellent voice work on two seasons of Harley Quinn in one year!

She deserves to be in the mix!

Of the Marvel shows I think Loki debuted really too late and I’d love to see Carl Lumbly recognized for Falcon and Winter Soldier but my heart lies with…

Possibly confusing though it may be it is a celebration of television and that aspect was really well done. I thought all of the actors were fantastic but having been a fan of Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn for ages I would be over the moon if they got nominations!

I expect all the Marvel shows to get a ton of technical awards. Possibly even take The Mandalorian for a ride.

It does strike me since Wandavision is supposedly competing in the Limited Special Series Elizabeth will likely be up against my other fav whose basically won all the awards since November…

It would be so hard for me to chose that I don’t think I could. Could they share? Of course it also struck me today both will probably lose to Kate Winslet for Mare of Easttown which allow the fan-girl in me to speak I’m sure she was great but come on! Actually it could be a toss-up. The Emmy’s can be really good about rewarding new blood.

So it could go either way.

Another part of me has to wonder if the television Academy will be as down for letting Marvel rule the small award screen??? But these are my dream nominations and I guess we’ll pick the winners when they come in 🙂

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