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Loki’s Lamentis Left Me Wanting

Maybe if Loki was a 10 episode show I’d be a little less annoyed with Lamentis. Maybe by the time it ends it won’t have mattered but right now I’m a little disappointed in episode 3.

Not only was it shorter than the first two but the end left me less, “Oh my God! It’s over! I can’t… Why? I can’t process!” Instead I was like, “That’s it? Really? I feel a cheated.”


Don’t get me wrong that they canonized Loki being Bi is a big deal and a step in the right direction for Disney. But this is Disney so I’m going with it only being a step and having little to no impact on the show.

Plus Loki and Sylvie just confused me. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to get brother/sisters vibes or rom com feelings.

The acting was great and the banter fun for a while but it went on too long. I felt like what we did learn about Sylvie only gives me more questions and Loki just wasn’t asking too many or the right ones in my opinion. Nice that he was having fun. And I always love him talking about Frigga but seriously this is supposed to be Loki a couple of days after trying to take over Midgard, being soundly beaten and now off his guard and in the TVA.

So yeah the drunk Loki felt a bit out of character.

I’ve seen some people say well she did enchant him or he enchanted her while she slept or he’s playing her. Which okay fine but frankly if that was the case that would have been the revelation to end the episode on instead of a cliffhanger that we know will be resolved because there is still three episodes left.

Also that kind of well it’s going to be this does give me Game of Thrones flashbacks where everything was, “It will all make sense in the end! They know what they’re doing!”

Maybe I’m just salty because I missed Mobius. Never thought I’d say that about an Owen Wilson character. But here we are.

We did get confirmation that the TVA agents are variants just like Loki and Sylvie. Nice delivery from Tom Hiddleston who seemed truly upset that they didn’t know that. I just wonder if that and the bi-canonization couldn’t come in a meatier episode.

But on the plus side the planet was a nice soothing purple. My favorite color 🙂

It looks like next week we’re getting some Sylvie flashbacks per the previews. And I have some questions:

Is she a variant or a multi-verse because it seemed like her timeline diverged very early? She barely remembers her mother and always knew she was adopted. Very different from Loki.

Interesting that she knows so much about the TVA but not that her powers wouldn’t work inside…

Where does she come from? What does she want? How did she teach herself magic and how to evade the TVA but drunk Loki brings her down?

This and other questions will hopefully be answered!

Hopefully along with a Mobius reunion? And hints of what Ravonna might know… Just three episodes left!

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