What Any Snow White Adaptation Needs

We’re getting a live-action Snow White adaptation from Disney (I’m surprised it took them this long) Rachel Ziegler’s been cast as Snow. I don’t know the first thing about her I wish her well but the thing is…

This will be the one Disney wrecks because I just don’t think they’ll do it justice. And oh well it’s almost the 4th I’m melting in California maybe I’ll be a little controversial because if Snow White and the Huntsman taught us anything you can have an average Snow White but you need…


Snow White and the Huntsman is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I am trash for Ravenna, Charlize Theron’s evil Queen, and boy she is a right heartless bitch in this movie.

She’s murderous, wicked, cruel, a wee bit incesteous depending on how you want to read it, the list goes on and on. She’s also fantastically costumed from start to finish. She looks like she just stepped out of a bloody fairy tale.

Emphasis on bloody.

And while the film gives her like one minute of sympathetic backstory Charlize isn’t having any parts of it.

I am with the Lindsay Ellis school of thought that Disney does not seem to know how to do the truly fun, truly evil villains anymore. (I really can’t think of a good one recently and as for the remakes… I mean they gave Maleficent two movies about how she should have been the one raising Aurora!)

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I liked them well enough. I enjoyed the hell out of Cruella- in large part like Charlize because of the Emma’s. The closest that may come to Charlize would maybe be Susan Sarandon in Enchanted but that’s an actual borderline (if not over the borderline) parody!

Which also maybe begs the question is this going to be a FAIRY TALE fairy tale or is it going to be modernized?

And also naturally which one does the viewer prefer… Just because I like Snow White to be a dark fairy tale doesn’t mean lots of others wouldn’t want a modern Enchanted style adaptation. I would say though the darker designs of this movie got me…

How she got her to take the apple was just cold and brilliant at the same time. Plus I loved when the apple spiked after she ate it and was choking so good…

And what about Prince Charming?

I think you can do it without leaning too hard into that aspect. Have a Charming stand-in (Sam Claflin was a pretty good one), have a Huntsman to for movies sake! FYI while I gave up on Once Upon a Time after a while Regina was a good television Evil Queen and her relationship with the Huntsman was nice and messy.

I also don’t have much to say about Marc Webb who directed by least favorite Spiderman films 🙁 Films that I hate to say didn’t do much for the villains either. Oh well with some imagination, darkness and flair a modern Snow White could top them all.

I just don’t think Disney has it in them. But I’m keeping an eye on the Evil Queen casting. That should say a lot about where they are going with it. I think we’ll actually be able to tell what way they are going with this movie by who they cast as the Queen.

Recommend Snow White and the Huntsman: Yes.

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  1. I actually really enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman too. Charlize Theron was perfectly over the top. I hear ya on Disney’s lackluster villains as of late. Too much sympathy for the devil so to speak. Having watched Once Upon a Time in its entirety, I will say that the Evil Queen doesn’t maintain that title for long. It’s practically her entire arc not to be evil anymore. Here’s hoping Disney does the Evil Queen justice.

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