Detransition, Baby

Detransition, Baby is one of those books that’s a little hard to write a review about because it’s like I enjoyed it while reading it… I also admit I had to keep reminding myself to pick it back up and finish it.

Though that could be a little on me to- I’m all over the place these days. But it was interesting and I have a deficit of books about the trans experience in my library so it was definitely worth it.

Even though two out of the three characters were kind of annoying.

Ames used to be Amy. They’ve detransitioned and started up a relationship with their boss thinking they were infertile from the hormone treatments. Oops. Katrina (said boss who doesn’t know about Ames past but enjoys the sex winds up pregnant and looking for a commitment.)

***I hope I don’t offend with pronouns for Ames. In the book it was kind of all over the place depending on who was talking. At one point when Reese (Ames ex) was talking to her friends the friends were calling her Amy and Reese was going back and forth in her mind.

Even Ames is like yeah I feel like a woman but being a man is easier.

So I’m going to try to use they in this case.

Anyway Ames doesn’t want to be seen as a father but is fine with being a parent so tells Katrina the only way they can commit is if their ex-girlfriend raises the baby with them.

And well, just me… in any relationship I don’t know I think that would be a red flag. Like you knocked me up and now need your ex not just for support but to help us raise the kid? But Katrina likes to think she’s open-minded (and frankly she’s a little wishy-washy about this kid anyway) so she agrees and she and Reese actually seem to make a nice connection that you think this could work.

The best character was Reese- the only one who 100% wants to be a mother and I thought her thoughts on parenting, on motherhood for a trans-woman and how society sees even her desire to be a mother were definitely the most interesting part of this book. I also thought Reese deserved so much better and was definitely going to get hurt. But I’ll let you read to find out what happens.

Katrina was a well-written character a little hard but not impossible to like. I thought her reactions to finding out Ames past were honest (though I imagine some people will dislike her for that alone) I also thought her relationship played out well with Reese. She’s far from an awful person. But well she does kind of wind up treating Reese more as a pronouncement of a lifestyle than an actual human being.

Ames/Amy was the hardest too like but by the end I definitely felt a (large enough) measure of sympathy for them and what they were going through. The characters relationships with each other are often bouncing off each other searching for a need that the other people involved can, can’t or maybe aren’t able to fulfill. Which is why I think I may have struggled a bit with the characters… they feel so very real.

Recommend: Yes.

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