Loki: Who’s In Charge of the TVA?

So I think episode 3 may have broken me because episode four (The Nexus Event) moved the story along and had everything episode 3 should have and I still felt… removed from the procedures in a way that I never was with Wandavision or TFAWS. I think I actually know why but it’s summer, it’s almost the 4th and I do so love speculating!

So let’s answer the big question: Whose really behind the TVA?

Cause I think episode 4 did point us in the right direction.


So we find out amongst other things Sylvie was an adorable kid, Hunter B-15 Rules, Mobius and Thor should start a support group of people who can’t help believe in Loki and Ravenna is a right bitch.

But most importantly we learned that the Time Lords/Space Lizards are actually robots.

(Was it just me or did Ravenna not seem surprised by that?)

So as Loki yelled whose really behind it?

Kang 50% chance

A lot of people are saying Kang and we know he’s been cast (with the awesome Jonathan Majors) and he’s coming. Plus he has big ties to time stuff and Ravenna in the comics.

I could go either way on this one. But the main thing holding me back from going with Kang is Kevin Feige has said you don’t need to see the shows to jump into the movies. (Which was kind of a blow to the shows if you ask me.)

And I do have to wonder about the validity of that for something like Captain America 4… are none of the threads going to be carried over into that movie? And I guess it’s a personal thing too. I mean people saw Infinity War/ Endgame without seeing any other films. Plus just because we might meet him here doesn’t mean we can’t be reintroduced in Ant-Man.

I wonder how many people are going to watch Doctor Strange and be like… What the hell is wrong with Wanda?

But for me I’m leaning toward the answer being the star of the show… or a variant of his character anyway.

Loki- 85% chance

Maybe the Time Lizards where in charge once upon a time and they picked up another Loki and he did get control but then sit them up as a stooge government and started pruning variants of himself throughout the ages so he could be the top notch Loki?

Okay it’s a theory I need to work on and might have some holes but I still think there’s a good chance.

The only other thing holding me back is this show is the one most discussed for getting a second season. So depending on when they started discussing that we may not get any of the bigger answers.

But I’m still betting 2 things:

Some version of Loki is working behind the scenes.

And Ravenna took that pen from the 1st episode as a trophy from when she caught Mobius.

Okay one more thing:

If crocodile Loki talks next week I’m giving this show bonus points.

4 thoughts on “Loki: Who’s In Charge of the TVA?

  1. I think things mostly picked up in this episode, but there’s still a lot of slow spots for me. Sif’s unexpected appearance and the mid-credit Loki’s were the best part. I would say Kang too, but the shows haven’t been as forthcoming about a lot so far.

    1. Sif’s always a nice surprise. I hope we see her again somewhere 🙂 Seeing as how she just kind of disappeared between films.

    1. If not I bet she knows who it is? Now I want to see Sylvie and Hunter B-15 detective show style interrogating Ms. Minutes next week! Forget Ravenna.

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