The Best of 2021: A Mid-Year Favs List

So these are the shows, movies and books I’ve loved so far in 2021. I would recommend checking all of them out obviously.

I will say though looking at a list of things ahead the 2nd half of 2021 is pretty event heavy so I could see some of these things being pushed out so I thought I’d give them some Mid-Year love.


I don’t usually watch a lot of tv series and it’s been a really good year for them.

Shadow and Bone

After Game of Thrones I realized my big point with book adaptations is do they get the characters right and I really think they do here. Hell even bringing in the crows as a prequel just to get the more popular characters in there… It shouldn’t have worked but it did and I hope they only get better in season 2.

Ted Lasso

I have made no bones about my surprise love for Ted Lasso (a show I honestly thought I’d hate) about an American coach going to England to coach a football club and I like, love it. Season 2 starts on July 23rd and it’s literally marked on my calendar with a big old heart.

Speaking of hearts…

Scarlet Witch


Even though it had some problems I thought Wandavision was one of the best shows of the year and one of Marvel’s best and most interesting projects. I’m hoping it gets some deserved award love and honestly I don’t see this one being knocked off my final list period.


I feel like this has been a very average reading year unfortunately but I’ve had some winners.

The Bitter Twins Trilogy

I loved all of this genre mix trilogy apart or as a whole. Loved the world and the characters and the story or a world torn apart by a generations long war and the huge toll it’s taken.

I also think I’m going to try to start reading series that are already done. It’s nice not to lose any momentum.


This is one of Sanderson’s older books about a fallen city of God like creatures now ravaged by the plague and I can see the problems of the book. I can see how Sanderson has improved but there was still plenty of stuff that grabbed me and kept me reading and intrigued.

The Wolf Den

A novel about a brothel in Pompeii. I’m going to do a review for this one it wasn’t what I expected at all but I loved the female characters and I thought that was the real strength of the story.

Amara and friends needs to be picked up for a series adaptation. Netflix? Anyone?

Fresh Water for Flowers

A beautiful story with a deep intriguing mystery about the life of a cemetery keeper in France. The beginning of the book was just okay but once the mystery kicked into gear I couldn’t stop reading and thought it was one of the best translations I’ve read in a while.



It’s nice to just take a chance on a Netflix movie you haven’t heard of and find a winner. Oxygen is (to boil it way down) about a woman trapped in a cryo-pod with rapidly dwindling oxygen and held my attention a hell of a lot better than a lot of the action movies I’ve seen this year.

The Croods Movies

I watched both Croods films for the first time this year and absolutely loved them. The films are about the adventures of a prehistoric cave family who ventures out into the world and meets Ryan Reynolds amongst other things.

Also I think Cave Daddy is Nicolas Cage’s most understated role in a while.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Again a fun Netflix surprise about a family taking their daughter on a road trip to college who must survive the AI apocalypse. Especially great fun voice work for Maya Rudolph and Olivia Coleman plus the films the daughter made added a nice element.

On a completely different end of the scale…

Promising Young Woman

I thought this dark revenge tale was just as great as everyone said. Carey was robbed! Sorry Frances. I will say I went into this one without spoilers and I think that helped with the impact of the film.
I do understand why it’s pretty polarizing but I thought it was a great emotional film.

My last favorite so far:


Okay Cruella is another film where I can understand why people don’t love it (or even like it) especially I would assume if you have some attachment to the 90s films. (I do not.) And I have high attachment to the Emma’s, Stone and Thompson, who ate this one up.

It had great costumes, music, set design, etc plus I actually loved the twists with the dogs.

And like I said there’s so much in part 2 of 2021 I’m trying to figure out how to break it down 🙂

I mean Friday is Black Widow! At long last!!! Plus Witcher Con which hopefully means a trailer and a date announcement. Gunpowder Milkshake (one of my most anticipated releases hits Netflix on July 14th!) And the long-awaited Spiderman: No Way Home trailer will hopefully be any minute. So lots to look forward to 🙂


  1. The second half of 2021 is stacked but reading this post has made me realise just how much we’ve had to enjoy in the first half, too!
    I cannot WAIT for Season 2 of Ted Lasso, and I never thought I would say that about a football show.

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  2. literally just last night i was thinking “how is it possible that no one has ever made a show about a football team and their like ups and downs, the players dynamics, etc, etc”. but apparently it has been made, i just didn’t know about it, hahah. i’ll have to check out ted lasso!

    i’ve been terrible at keeping up with disney’s releases this 2021 and i have not watched cruella, raya or luca, but i hope to change this soon! i think my favorite 2021 release this far would have to be always and forever, lara jean. even though it’s very different from the book and i was a bit disappointed by that, since rewatching it, i think it’s actually pretty fun and a good conclusion to the series.

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