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Loki: Rambling Thoughts

So Loki came to an end.

I thought it was wild, ambitious, imaginative and mostly fun. But also I’m a little torn on it. For some reasons probably not it’s fault but some are. And some due to the nature of the beast that is Marvel I don’t think I can get a handle on until we see other parts of the story.


First of all we all knew Ms. Minutes was going to be in it up to her eyeballs…

I hope we see more of her and I’m very curious as to where Ravenna took off to. I mean the character needs a wake-up call but if she’s off to hook up with some variant of Jonathan Majors than more power to you girl.

But a lot of the show took a turn for me on episode 3 because I thought the minute he got drunk and started screwing up, Well that’s out of character for Loki. I mean mileage is going to vary and I know not everybody felt that way and this is where I think it’s me and not the show…

Whereas Wanda, Vision, Sam and Bucky where all characters and actors previously underserved by the MCU for me at least I can’t say that about Loki or the ever excellent Tom Hiddleston.

His MCU arc is up there in my top 3…

Actually when I think of actors and characters that helped build the MCU he’s also up there in the top 3. So you’d have to go to drastic measures to match that for me. And time travel stuff… cool.


Rarely going to do it for me.

Unfortunately I also wasn’t big on Sylvie or completely sold on the actress. Honestly? I liked her best when she was an adversary or kicking his ass. Or hell even in episode 3 with the bickering.

But otherwise I didn’t connect with her. I liked kid Sylvie better. I don’t know. The actress is fine but she’s as unknown to me as Teyonah Parris was in Wandavision whereas she just captured my attention immediately I was more often annoyed by Sylvie.

There were a couple of times toward where Loki started talking about her that were giving me Clara Oswald vibes and not in a good way more in a why do you keep trying to insist how great she is???

All that aside. Hiddleston was great. Variant Lokis where great- we needed more of them and I actually loved Owen Wilson here and I would never consider myself a fan of his…

I hope to see more of Hunter B-15 and Casey next season. Please more of them!

The music by Natalie Holt was incredible. One of the best television scores I’ve heard in a long time. The Easter eggs were a blast and the attention to detail like the fact that Frog Thors little scream actually was Chris Hemsworth is the kind of thing that makes Marvel work.

Also credit where credit is due I thought no way in hell are we getting Kang or Immortus…

I actually jumped when I saw him in the elevator!

But oh man there are so many story questions as to where this is going and so many behind the scenes questions! That I’m trying not to jump ahead of myself. So overall Loki was a fun ride but I didn’t love it like I thought I would. But I am excited to see where Kang and the multiverse goes even if it is the next Ant-Man movie and I’ll be back for season 2.

If only in hopes that Mobius will one day get to ride his jet ski.

And I wouldn’t mind if crocodile Loki comes back either. Maybe he can eat Ms. Minutes?

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