The New Dune Trailer!

There’s a new Dune trailer at long last!!!

And it’s so pretty. I mean it provides so much to chew over including the fact despite some major push back from the director it’s still day and date for HBOMax on October 22…

For a Dune movie it also looks like a really accessible sci-fi space opera. Maybe they’ve cracked this.

Either way I’ll be seeing it in theaters and at home. With the Oscar/Jason goodness I may break the record for how many times a person can watch a movie in one month. Although I’m not going to lie (and I know it was divisive) but I missed the music of the first trailer πŸ™‚


  1. This is one of those movies where I know there are a thousand books and I know everyone loves the books but I haven’t read the books but I’m going to see the movie AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Do I read the books…or you know A FEW books first? Do I just watch the movie? Do I watch the movie but then casually change the topic whenever anyone asks me how I thought it compared to the books? I’m excited for this but also pretty angsty about how to handle the whole “never having read the books” thing as this is such an iconic series.

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    • Well I know this is probably sacrilege for a book blog but I don’t believe you need to read the books πŸ™‚

      I only read the first one. It’s a little dense at times and a lot of the side characters wasted and confusing but I do think it lived up to what I had always heard about it with very interesting ideas presented about the environment, religion, zealotry, warfare, etc. It was also interesting to see how it had influenced other series. If you have the time and inclination it’s worth a read but I wouldn’t sweat it. From the looks of the trailer it seems like Villeneuve is going to nail the major themes and characters. But whatever you decide I hope you enjoy!

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      • Um, whatever I decide? You just gave me clearance to skip the book and just enjoy the movie! Now if anyone asks and/or judges me I’ll say, “No, nope, this is ok. Gemma gave me the green light so I’m cool here.”

        Honestly though, I agree with you. I enjoy reading the book first for a lot of things but life doesn’t always allow for that and I don’t think it’s always needed. So I’m happy to hear you say that’s the case here! Maybe I’ll see how I enjoy the movie and then base wading into the novels from there.

        I’ve also developed quite the Doctor Who book buying problem on eBay of late so maybe I don’t need another huge series judging me from my shelf right now either XD.

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      • I used to berate myself if I couldn’t read the book first! Luckily one of the few hang ups I got over πŸ™‚

        Also I forgot this is only part of book one so you can still say you split the difference if you read it after!

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