Wish Dragon: Different in the Best Ways

So from the trailer and even from reading about it I feared the Aladdin vibes would be strong in Wish Dragon- and they are definitely there don’t get me wrong- but this story about a magic wish granting dragon was different in all the right ways.

And for me that makes it worth a watch.


Din is the young man who finds the dragon known as Long.

And while he makes an accidental wish the main wish is for his childhood friend to remember him and I kind of loved that this was more about friendship. Oh don’t get me wrong there are some winks at a possible romance.

But the movie does a great job of showing us the friendship and generally making me feel bad when her father made good and pulled her away from that life. The kid stuff is adorable and gives us honestly what I thought was a better look at neighborhoods and culture than Aladdin did.

I also really liked both characters as grown-ups.


Having only seen the first Aladdin and the live-action I don’t know if sequels went further into Genie’s past but they definitely do here with Long and I won’t get to far into it.

But I liked that bit of history and knowing where that character comes from… it’s really his movie actually, his growth that’s needed and he has big lessons to learn as well as Din.


I thought there was a nice “twist” with the baddies that tied the movie together rather well.

So overall while it does give off some strong Aladdin vibes and there’s some advertisements that even made me go oh wow I bet they paid a lot for that (and usually those things go over my head) I wound up enjoying Wish Dragon. I appreciated that it’s about lost friendships and found families as much as anything else.

Recommend: Yes. It’s currently on Netflix and worth a watch!

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