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House of Gucci Trailer Gives me HOpe for Fall Films

House of Gucci is in my top 3 of Most Anticipated Films coming out later this year. (The other two being Dune and Last Night in Soho.) And I have to say the first trailer… it did not disappoint.

Now if someone could just explain that Burberry ad to me.

This just looks like so much fun and you know what? I appreciate that they are going for the accents. I think this looks like a great follow up for Lady Gaga and if nothing else it’s going to be fun, wild and pretty too look at.

I admit thinking about recent films I’ve been disappointed. Pretty much all have been… fine, okay, average. I’m ready for some great ones to hit and I have some faith that there’s at least a couple lined up for Fall.

House of Gucci will be in theaters in November.

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