Let There Be Carnage Trailer 2

I know people are waiting for that Spiderman trailer but I’m happy to content myself with my favorite odd couple and now their angry red cousin from outer space.

We got a brand new Venom 2 trailer!

I could actually watch Tom Hardy and Venom bicker with each other for the whole movie and be happy. Woody looks great as always. Though I must say I’m a little worried about t hat second of Cletus looking at that picture of Anne and talking about vengeance.

While I don’t think Michelle Williams and Tom Hardy had a lick of chemistry I did like her character and if we’re headed toward them killing her off to instigate some kind of showdown…

I’m getting ahead of myself but I’ve been burned in that before. Still Let There Be Carnage looks like its going to be a blast.

Now I’m wondering if the Spiderman trailer will likely drop in front of Free Guy?