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A Quiet Place 2: Spoilers, Beards & Box Babies

I wonder if the monster hesitated before eating the guy who was standing at the half open garage door yelling, “Where is it? Where did it go?”

I mean maybe it thought oh no, this must be a trap because it can’t be that easy. But nope. No, it really was. And was I the only one who was surprised neither Evelyn or her kid got Cillian Murphy killed? I mean he was bleeding pretty bad but all things considered he’s doing better than I thought for most of the movie.

So I was hoping there would be a good reason for taking the baby in the box out of the farm but not really. Especially considering the use of the oxygen tanks and yes, that went exactly where I knew it was going to go. Baby in danger! Red alert! Red alert!

And the opening scene of the first day… it was cool. But also I felt like there were bits of this movie missing… especially with Murphy’s character and Lee.

And that leads us to the most EVELYN scene of them all!

So after they leave the farm they all stumbled onto poor traumatized Emmett who has lost his wife and kids and he tells Evelyn she needs to take her children and her infant and get walking in the morning.

Me: Smart.

But Regan totally ignores her mother and sneaks away in the night to go find a radio station in hopes she can broadcast the sound that kills the monsters so then there’s this long scene of Evelyn absolutely guilt tripping Emmett into going out after her because Lee would do it and Lee was a good man and Emmett’s not cause he’s willing to just leave her out there and on and on…

And I’m just like there was one scene of Emmett and Lee at a baseball game and they barely spoke and I’m like supposed to understand why he’d give a shit what Lee would have done.

Lee is dead.

But then I guess Emmett is probably thinking anything is better than her with her wounded son and baby in a box like coffin and goes out to find Regan appearing at the perfect time she needs him.

Which is actually good because Millicent Simmonds and Cillian Murphy work really well together. And they get a really tense moment on the way to this island where the station should be meanwhile Evelyn has left wounded son and baby in a box to go get more oxygen canisters and there’s this long, long bit where all three bits are having those “wracking up the tension moments,” and I was just like please, something happen and then it all started happening at once.

The island where people lived happily was a nice break but we all know that was never going to last.

Hence guy yelling wildly in front of half open door and probably confused monster thinking oh this is so easy. There were a lot of leg injuries in this movie to and while I’m going with he’s alive they do kind of leave Emmett’s fate up in the air as that was a lot of blood.

Anyway I do actually like this film. Performances were good and the cast does work well together. There were some nice touches throughout like the kid screaming bloody murder when trapped in the animal trap- also the sound of the trap itself going off and snagging his leg.

It’s like a good sequel but doesn’t have that fun newness that the first one had. Also honestly my feelings for my fictional enemy Evelyn and love for Cillian Murphy’s beard and sad eyes aside I think I would have preferred to stick with him and Regan and flesh his character out a lot more.

It was nice to see the kids step up but onward to the third! Let’s see if they age that poor child up and how much spending his life in a box effects him. I mean he may really feel for the monsters…

Or maybe Emmett just leaves Evelyn and her sons where they are? 🙂

Recommend: Sure. It’s good summer fun even if kind of predictable.

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