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Spiderman, Strange and Speculation

Let’s speculate and take everything with what little context we have about that Spiderman: No Way Home trailer! And my biggest question after watching it is simple…

What’s going on with Doctor Strange?

(There are unconfirmed rumors below about certain characters who may be appearing in the film that didn’t show up in the trailer so if you want to stay unspoiled we’ll speculate about something else soon 🙂 Summers winding down and I’m stressed thank God for movies!)

Now I know, I know he could just be dealing with his personal stuff like everyone else after Endgame but he seemed really off to me and then just out of character. Or maybe we’re already seeing his multiple universe selves?

I don’t know there’s that scene at the end where he pushes Peter out of his body and Peter’s clearly holding something and Strange looks pissed…

I don’t know what’s going on but I like Cumberbatch best as a bad guy.

Speaking of quick shots and one Matt Murdock everyone keeps saying this moment is him…

I don’t know.

I could be seeing a bad angle. It might be Charlie Cox but hey it could also be a quick appearance by his partner one Mister Foggy Nelson he usually did a lot of the grunt work for legal cases while Matt was outdoing his skulking in the shadows thing.

And then onto Peter’s father figures are they really going to kill off Happy?

Does Peter need more trauma? Is this a part of the multi-verse? What will MJ, Ned and Aunt Mae be in the multi-verse? Anyway if there going to kill him off I suppose he’s a better person to do the with great power line than Tony ever was… Much as I adored Tony and Peter’s relationship we are talking about a man who saved the world and left a massive unstoppable weapons system to a teenager.

And then of course the ending where we get the Green Goblin explosive and Doc Ock showing up…

I know this is just a quick second but right now I am not that big of a fan of the de-aging process on his face, or the make-up, or whatever there using.

He seems to recognize Peter, our Peter, but I’m betting this is for the trailer and the camera’s going to pan wide and you know who is going to swing into view 🙂 And you know what? I don’t want to see it in a preview especially not one that may wind up leaked. You don’t need it at this point. Hell I don’t know if you actually need another trailer!

And we didn’t even really get into what any of this might mean for Multiverse of Madness!

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