Nightmare of the Wolf: First Rate Witcher Work

Okay even for a Witcher animated movie Nightmare of the Wolf opens with such violence I was like, eh maybe not.

Luckily I stuck with it and this look into the life of Vesemir (he’s super important to Geralt) was well worth it. And while violent throughout with a great battle at the end nothing really reached the gross violence of the opening if you’re squeamish.

Recently I’ve kind of felt most movies are too long and most of them don’t need to be. I was surprised by how much Nightmare of the Wolf fits into a less than hour and a half. We get the current situation with Vesemir and a lot of political stuff that’s all pretty nicely mixed into the mystery.

We also get a good look into his past- how he became a Witcher, the training and what was lost along the way.

And that also plays into the current story.

Plus it’s the Witcher so like I said violence, great fights and yes a bathtub scene and some t & a.

Though credit where credit is due both Tetra and Lady Zerbst were well done important characters in their own right. But the overall character work on Vesemir was impressive for such a short amount of time. I bought everything. Even though there is one thing tacked on that maybe contradicts something said in the show… but I suppose you could always hand wave that as memory.

Other parts of the ending gave me feels because it sort of mirrored parts of Battlestar Galactica’s ending hell Mary McDonnell is even one of the voices!

Also I must say the animation is well done especially the fight scenes though that’s not really what I wanted during that gruesome beginning. Overall more than worth a watch and it’s been publicly announced Vesemir is showing up in season two of the Witcher proper so it’s nice to have a little deep dive into the character here.

Recommend: Yes.

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