Would Peter Drag Peter? Spiderman Thoughts

So after the Spiderman No Way Home trailer I ran into a bunch of on-line “hot takes” that were like oh, I can’t wait for Tobey’s Peter to drag Tom’s Peter! Oh it will be fun to see him smack him around…

And naturally I was like wait what?

But it all of course came back to Tony and the idea that Tobey’s Peter (let’s call him OG Peter) would drag Tom’s Peter (let’s call him Marvel Pete) for being friends with Stark and taking the tech.

And naturally I thought no, no, he wouldn’t but I rewatched the first two Spiderman films to see if my thoughts held up and I came to some interesting Spider related ephihanies.

First of all let’s concede that Tony Stark doesn’t exist in OG Peter’s world or really any of the Avenger’s he was alone in the world so no, we can’t definitively whole-heartedly say what he would have done (but I will) 🙂

See one thing that was overwhelmingly relevant in OG Peter’s story was his lack of money. He was killing himself basically sometimes at multiple jobs just to be Spiderman and make ends meet. Pretty much his first Spidey act was to wrestle for cash.

And OG Peter was a Peter who throughout was taking pictures of himself as Spiderman to sell to a man who he knew very well used them as propaganda against Spiderman. Not to mention the Aunt May factor. I had actually forgotten some of this and how heartbreaking it was with her money issues and Peter’s feelings of responsibility there.

Plus Peter never seemed to have any problems with his billionaire best friend Harry or his father) at least not until Mary-Jane and the whole Green Goblin thing came about but that wasn’t concerning money.

OG Peter had a couple of years and a whole lot more experience on Marvel Peter so generally speaking I think those hot takes are wrong he totally would have at least taken the technology on offer for his own safety if not an outright job with the Avengers or something else.

But rewatching the films I am forced to agree with another larger point. Marvel Peter is simply not as good of a character. Nothing against Holland I absolutely love him. Also for all the jokes and fun about hot young Aunt May and getting Marissa Tomei compared to Rosemary Harris and her role in the films and Peter’s life Tomei’s May is absolutely wasted.

And actually what happened to the photography? I know they made him science boy but frankly there’s an abundance of that in the MCU anyway.

I remember being happy in Homecoming that they didn’t give us Uncle Ben’s death again but I forgot in the original how dark that was and how dark Peter Parker could, at times be, and also that he took responsibility for it to May later on. This Peter is practically a Boy Scout in comparison. And why is he still in high school? Yes, I know. I know the snap screwed everything up but still!

So in the end when it comes down to character the originals are better pretty much on all character fronts. Except maybe the villains. Weirdly considering Marvel’s villain issue I thought Vulture and Mysterio where pretty well done… save for the fact that they where both pissed off by Tony.

But at least they didn’t have MJ kidnapped twice.


Oh and no I don’t see anything in the first films that make people so sure he’s going to drag Marvel Peter over his Tony connection. But who knows what will happen in the multiverse?

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  1. Oooo never thought about this! OG Peter never asked for handouts from his rich best friend so initially it seems like a stretch, but if Peter found out he wasn’t the only superhero then yes absolutely he’d jump at Tony Stark’s tech. The thing I still love about Maguire’s Spider-Man is that his costume was just that– a costume, not a hi-tech suit of armor, and this made him uniquely vulnerable in a way that I don’t feel for Holland’s Spider-Man, as much as I dig his interpretation.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who went on an OG Spider-Man rewatch lately 😄

    1. Yes on this costume! I loved the part where he put it in the laundry with his other clothes by accident 🙂

      It would have been interesting to see Maguire’s version bounce of Tony or other Avengers. If the rumors are true about the upcoming film I wonder if we’ll see his reaction to Peter’s superhero filled world? Still not sure how they’re going to actually execute the multiverse but it should be fun!

  2. The original Spider-Man trilogy is just more comic accurate to Peter Parker as a character. All his problems made him a more endearing character. As much as I enjoy MCU Spider-Man, every change they made has been hit or miss to each aspect of the character.

    1. I’m not an expert on his comics (except the ones with Deadpool) 🙂 but I’ve heard a few people say they took a lot from Miles Morales for this Peter. Though I have to say from Spiderverse I think he may be a more well rounded character anyway!

  3. I never thought about this! I have to confess I’m not confident I’ve ever seen the OG Spider-Man all the way through but I’m going to correct that before the new one!

    1. It holds up pretty well considering it’s been nearly twenty years and now that I’ve just realized that I’m gonna go have a cry!

  4. I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for OG Peter, perhaps in part because of #3, but I do like the current one. And I wonder if the photography was dropped because, well, smart phones. With people posting and live-streaming everything, there just wouldn’t be the same demand.

    1. Yeah I skipped #3 in my rewatch. I just need the clip of the dancing and that’s enough.

      I don’t know. You think J. Jonah would love the advent of Smartphones etc. 🙂 I’m surprised it took them this long in this day and age to reveal his identity you think with Twitter it would last 20 minutes!

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