The Lost Village: KickStarting Scary Book Season

I am ready for scary, creepy book season and happy to say I started with a winner right out of the gate!

But I’m always a sucker for ghost towns.

In 1959 two officers pull into a remote mining village. The town’s 900 or so residents have completely vanished as though they walked off the face of the Earth. The only thing they find…

A dead body in the village square and a baby abandoned in the nurses area of the empty school.

Cue decades later when filmmaker Alice, whose grandmother’s whole family disappeared that summer, rolls up with her team to scout the location for a documentary at the creepy, WI-FI less village. Everyone has a theory on what happened. But they come to understand the one universal truth all these empty town/village stories have…

They are not alone.

As things slowly unravel and Alice clings to the dream of the film harder and harder we flash back and forth to what really happened in the villages final months and days and I have to say it all comes together rather nicely really. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the blurb compares this to Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar and yeah, I can see it.

It has several elements I love. And I must say there’s only one or two parts that could be considered outright gory. Also I do think Sten set up the atmosphere of the unraveling village a little bit than the modern day but maybe that part of the story moves to fast which is not really a bad thing!

Anyway yeah a lot of the best elements of this could be considered spoilers so I’ll just say if you are looking for a creepy mystery thriller to start your Fall reading season The Lost Village is a good one to pick up!

Recommend: Yes.

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