10 New Books For Fall TBR’s

Fall is my favorite time of year and it looks like there are plenty of good (hopefully), interesting and exciting books to read upcoming so I picked 10 that sounded best of the best that I don’t actually hear that much about.

Release dates are subject to change of course.

My most anticipated book of fall I’ve already rambled about:

November 23rd

This is the 3rd book (of 4) in Sanderson’s sci-fi series that started with Skyward. I’ve loved both books so far. It’s my favorite series going right now and I can’t want to see where it goes.

I won’t say much more about it except it’s more than worth a read.

November 9th

Tenderness is about the publication of Lady Chatterly’s Lover and the obscenity trials and machinations that tried to get its publication stopped or at least make damn sure people couldn’t read it.

I didn’t love Lady Chatterly’s Lover when it read it but I love this kind of book and have pre-ordered already which is very odd for me even if I’m overly excited about a book.

Also if you can get your hands on the movie version with Sean Bean and Joely Richardson it’s worth a watch on a rainy Fall evening.

October 12th

Truman Capote is not someone I’ve been interested in in the past but this story about his 3 favorite muses and how he ultimately betrayed their trust with a publication not at all hidden about their lives sounds like it’s going to be a great fun read that I’m already assuming will wind up on any forthcoming Books that Should be Movies I’m going to do 🙂

In the past I’ve put a big old NO on books by Youtubers because frankly they haven’t been all that good but one of my favorite Youtubers for years now is publishing a book and I think she deserves a chance!

Currently Available

Honestly I don’t know a lot about what this one is about except dragons which we do share a love for and generally I get a great deal of fantasy recommendations from her channel so I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a winner for me.

October 5th

Saints, convicts, evil spirits, possessed soldiers, ancient relics. Despite not being a big fan of the cover I’m super excited about this one. And Margaret Rogerson had a winner for me with Sorcery of Thorns so this seems like a fun Halloween read if nothing else.

September 21st

My Brain: There are an awful lot of books on this list by authors who you’ve never even read their first book.

Me: Yeah well it happens. Second book is the charm right?

My Brain: Yeah but don’t you own a lot of those books anyway? Don’t you think you should…

Me: Shut up and stop judging me brain!

Under the Whispering Door is about a tea shop owner who ferries souls across (to the other side I guess?) and a guy who hasn’t lived yet and really doesn’t want to go and it sounds right up my alley to besides you got to start somewhere right?

October 1st

Lighthouses on secluded islands, caves, witches and missing girls who come back two decades later the exact same age as they were when they disappeared. Plus a pretty cover and I’ve had some luck with lighthouse stories in the past so hopefully this will be a great autumnal winner.

September 28th

I’m not even going to try to summarize this on my own. I’ll just provide the link because it sounds intriguing in a way that if he pulls it together will be absolutely amazing and if he doesn’t could be one of the biggest hot messes around.

Here’s hoping for the first choice!

November 2nd

Fall does seem like a good time for a (hopefully) good Rumplestiltskin retelling. It’s sounds like it will have a curse and a nice creepy atmosphere. Marissa Meyer can be hit or miss/ love or hate but her Heartless (reimagining of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland) is still one of my favs.

And also not a bad read for Fall if you haven’t already.

November 9th

I’m not going to lie about how much of a cover buy (or cover goes immediately to the TBR this one was for me) but reading the synopsis I do think it will be a great Fall read if a little melancholy.

After Julie loses her boyfriend Sam she decides she needs to hear his voice one more time so calls his voicemail only she picks up and now Julie has one last chance to say good-bye for real.

And those are just some of the most interesting Fall book releases for me. But I’m trying to be reasonable these days 🙂 We’ll have to see how that one goes!

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  1. Under the whispering door is on my TBR too, and in view of my limited reading time, I’m not inclined to add more albeit The Lighthouse Witches were tempting. I will wait till some reviews are showing up in my thread. I fear this may just be another YA (read teenage) book.

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