Hawkeye Trailer Promises a Musical Fun Time

So Hawkeye was probably one of my least anticipated of the Marvel Shows but hey do a really good trailer stick some Christmas music in it and suddenly I’m like, “Oh my God! I can’t wait!”

And the fact that we may see a little bit of the Avengers musical does not hurt.

And I know they probably won’t do this on a Marvel Christmas show at the holidays but when he said, “I’ll be home in time for Christmas,” did anyone else think this ends with him facing down Yelena?

Anyway good trailer Marvel. Definitely more excited than I was although since the other Avengers are clearly in this shot with “Steve” I got to wonder why it’s called Rogers the Musical!!!

I mean I can’t get away from his self-righteousness even after he’s dead!


  1. Is this a comedy? I don’t think I’ve seen Hawkeye this funny. I actually might watch this one though I really don’t like avenager movies as they are often a disappointment to me but maybe not this one.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Had no idea they were going for Christmas vibes with this and now I’m excited too haha! Eager to see Kate Bishop get her intro but I sincerely hope Renner gets to play a livelier version of Clint than we’ve seen. Getting a Shane Black feel from all this and I dig it.

    • Right a little Shane Black? A little Die Hard? And he already seems livelier so hopefully this isn’t just a really good preview 🙂

  3. lmao, your first paragraph is pretty much on point with my own feelings! i had honestly forgotten hawkeye was coming out this year and wasn’t excited for it at all. but after seeing it will be set during the christmas time… i am successfully convinced and i’ll definitely be streaming hahah i don’t think we’ll get a season 2 of dash & lily, and i need a christmas show for the holiday season so in an unexpected turn of events, this might be it!

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