Ranking The Great British Baking Show Seasons

Well one of my favorite comfort shows is back this week (and like most comforting things it couldn’t come at a better time)! Anyway I thought I’d rank the seasons cause I can’t help making lists right now.

Also apparently I have a rather controversial favorite contestant 🙂

So from worst (unfortunately the most recent) to the best Great British Baking Show seasons on Netflix.

Season 7: Some of the worst contestants on the show. The ones I liked best went early in some of the worst editing of all the seasons (Seriously how did Priya survive raw dishes? I mean at least Jamie went quick.)

Actually the only other contestant I enjoyed besides Michelle and Helena (What’s wrong with Halloween, Paul?) was Steph and watching her implode during the finale was painful and something I would do.

And also Prue’s nasty little comment to the older trucker about the other contestants basically having too much class to do a bake like his? Seriously nearly stopped watching!

Season 8: It was unfortunately very close between the seasons but season 8 had good contestants and I liked the emotional wrap up at the end.

But good Lord I cannot stand Matt and Noel.

I don’t even know what happened cause Noel was fine with Sandy but it was like Matt brought out the worst in him. And I’m not familiar with Matt Lucas’ work otherwise but he was so awkward for so long I think he got better as it went on but mostly because I was muting him and Noel at a certain point.

They need new hosts.

So as you can see I think things have really gone down hill recently but I’m hopefully for this season of bakers and someone perhaps gagging Noel at least.

The Beginnings: I think this is like the 3rd season of the show total but marked first over here in the States and has it’s own little section for some reason. It’s got John and James who had their moments but is mostly forgettable except for the ragging on American pies.

And hey even that doesn’t bother me so much as they had the whole challenge set up for American pies with no tops which leaves out any real apple pie and how can you have an American pie challenge without Apple pie???

Season 1: I do like Richard and Louis, Chetna and Martha but this season is mostly known for Bingate and outside of that rather boring since Richard dominated so wildly.

Season 5: Wildly unpopular opinion…

I couldn’t stand Steven. I can’t put my finger on why except for the aw shucks attitude badly hiding a stunning intensity and the fact that I don’t know the praise felt wildly overdone plus I’m sorry I know people don’t like Stacey (which seriously Twitter if you can hate on certain women for stupid reasons or claim that any attractive woman who Paul is ever nice to is sleeping with him… I can not like Steven) but she got screwed!

Though Liam and Yan are some of my favorites and Sophie was a consistentantly worthy winner they just can’t save it.

Season 4: See I came to this show obviously late since it only started airing in the US recently and long insomnia filled nights going down the on-line rabbit hole Candace was one of the first contestants that I liked that apparently the Internet universally hated and was often accused of sleeping with Paul, or at least flirting with him.

(I mean seriously why don’t any of the guys get accused of sleeping with the female judges?)

But apparently people were mortally offended by her lipstick and her faces. This is why I give all these people great credit for appearing on television. Anyway I liked Selasi as well but it seemed like time after time he’d get taken apart in the judging only to survive.

Still the Tudor week is actually one of my favorites!

Season 3: Ah the Nadiya season. I must say this was a story and editing done right 🙂

Plus it had Tamal who I think is adorable and generally wildly under appreciated in baking legends.

Season 6: This one is my second favorite.

On the one hand the whole Rahul thing seemed like another attempt to do a Nadiya and it drove me crazy the more rapturous praise he would get the more they’d ride that train harder. Rahul had some missteps near the end but it wasn’t like Nadiya who improved and got it together as the season went on.

But then again this season also has Ruby, Manon, Jon and Kim-Joy who had some of the most beautiful bakes ever.

It also has stupid challenges with (what they nearly admit are) impossible time constrictions but at least Dan called Paul out on that one. I just think they hit the contestant jackpot with this season.

My top favorite season is…

Season 2: This one is always my favorite which is weird because it’s often considered the most controversial or at least has one of the seemingly most disliked contestants in Ruby Tandoh.

She’s probably my favorite but than again we share a love of bread so maybe that’s not a surprise.

But this season also has Glenn, Howard, Christine, Becca, and the excellent Kimberly and Frances whom yeah I do think we’re a little overlooked for Ruby. I mean look I can see my favorites flaws 🙂 So overall the balance this season is just… top of the class to me!

Though I think if you asked me my top favorite episodes it would be the Derry Girls special and the Christmas special that aired before it with Briony, Tom and Terry 🙂 Also available on Netflix in the US.

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