To Read On or Not To Read On?

Welcome to Book Series with Big Old Time Commitments that I am very torn on and we’re starting perhaps with the biggest of all… The Eye of the World the first book in the enormous Wheel of Time Series.

All opinions and thoughts on this one are welcome because I am really torn on whether or not to keep reading!

I always thought Wheel of Time would be something right up my alley if I ever decided to get to it. I was also warned by several reviews that the first book is widely considered the worst so there’s that to take into consideration.

And I didn’t hate it.

I was more annoyed. We’re mainly following three young men who may or may not be marked by destiny. After an attacks of Orcs sorry Trollocs at their village they follow a powerful Aes Sedai trying to get to the place that might help them and her figure out what’s going on.

The world building in this is a lot because there’s so much history and it felt like it was just being thrown at me. Added on to that I wasn’t fond of any of the younger characters. I got that they didn’t trust Moiraine (our Aes Sedai) but also they were kind of dumb.

Moiraine or Lan: Don’t tell anyone who you are.

The Younglings: Immediately tells people their correct name and village.

Moiraine: Stay inside the circle.

Dudes: Does not stay inside the circle.

Moiraine: You didn’t touch or take anything did you cause that could be enormous bad…

Dudes: No, no, not us.

Also: Let’s not tell Moiraine what we touched and took.

And it just went on and on!

I mean they did get a little better as the book went on. I liked Perrin and the wolves but that lead to animal violence and what was the deal with The Wisdom and Lan???

That’s the other thing about going on while I’m interested in where this goes and especially Sanderson’s conclusion to the series I’ve also heard it stated he (Robert Jordan) does not have the best ability to write women (i.e. that in later books for instances the women do tests and challenges buck naked while the men aren’t) like I said just something I’ve heard but it gives me pause.

I have to admit one of the only reasons I finally picked it up was the upcoming series which from the trailer I’m also a bit iffy on. Perhaps I’ll check that out and if it wins me over I’ll try book 2. But otherwise I may just have to admit The Wheel of Time has passed me by.

Recommend: Eh. I’m not going to tell someone to make this big of a time commitment.

Also if anyone has read the whole series, or at least further than the first book, if the second is indeed better can you skip the first? I would think you’d be even more confused but it’s worth an ask for anyone who may want to try the series.


  1. I read the first 5 or 6 books back in the day. I loved it at the time, but I don’t think I could read them now, lol. Mostly because of the reasons you stated; the young people are extremely annoying, especially the girls. I don’t think you could read on without having read the first one (which was my favorite, by the way–probably because the books just got more complicated and convoluted as they went on). I’d be willing to give the TV series a chance, though.

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